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The Jewish Synagogue , Cochin ( Kochi )

In Fort Cochin, there is also the famous Jewish Synagogue built in 1568, and preserved till today. The population of the Jews has dropped drastically with the establishing of the Jewish State of Israel, many Jewish settlers in Cochin and other parts of Kerala left the country for Israel. There are only about 17 Jews left, and that the number of adult males does not come up to the required number for a Priest, the Community is without one. The Jewish Synagogue will be probably be taken over by a Trust, and because of it's historical importance to the history of Cochin ( Kochi ), will be preserved. There were supposedly Jews also in Quilon, but apparently they are no longer there.

Below are some of the photographs taken at different times by my family members except the one which is a distinctive yellow in colour and shows the decoration of the Tabernacle for Simcha Torah which is by Richard Todd. The whole area was spruced up because of the visit of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II in 1997.

Entrance to the Jewish Synagogue, Cochin. This can be seen from the Mattanchari Palace Richars Todd's picture of the Synagogue Pulpit another angle of the pulpit another view of the pulpit the scrolls kept in the Tabernacle in the background
a straignt view over the pulpit crest over the tabernacle another view of the tabernacle visitors to the synagogue the roof decorations
the section where women sit and attend the functions one of the many lamps chandliers more chandliers floor of Chinese handpainted ceremac tiles each different
a stone from the old Synagogue Jew Street, entrance to the road to the Synagogue locks and keys from old doors displayed on the road assortment of keys to old doors grillwork castings on the roadside for sale
old windows and doors for sale a decorated window from a palacial house for sale how the Jew town houses look from outside

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History of the Cochin Jews

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