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Churches in Cochin ( Kochi )

On the way to Fort Cochin one passes so many Churches and Chapels, a brief visit to any would reveal the influence of the European styles. Here are a few of them, I am not sure of their names but if any one of you can help me naming them, then I will correct the page accordingly.

Alleppey ( Alappuzha) has some great old Churches, but as I was passing through, one was being done up and did not look too majestic with all the scaffolding so I did not photograph it. I did however get one on the next corner, (see below). A Church in Alleppey

Coming into Cochin (Kochi) having missed many on the highway, I kept an eye open for what I could spot (having left Chavara at 4.30 a.m., one can get a bit sleepy after a refreshing cool ride on motobike)

Cochin gave me a few surprises, where I did photograph a Funeral Chapel thinking it was a Church, and only did find that out after reading the 'Rest In Peace' in the front. However, there was a splended Portugese Church in front, that fas facing a water way, and I feel was St. Lawrence (?, someone please help me from the photographs below), but not too shure.

This view from the waterside, is it St. Lawrence? pls help.Altar inside the Church, style of Portugal

One comes across another beautiful structure, with ornate designs, I think it is called St.Peter and St. Paul Church (correct me please)supports for the choir loft

There was another delightful Church called St. Stephen and also St. Peter & St. Paul, but I never got a chance to record them. Maybe next time, if there is one, I will be more attentitive. Since I was handicapped, as the motobike was being used by a friend, I really could not go around the City, and saw a limited view when I eventually got around to doing so. If anyone of you from Cochin (Kochi) or anyother part of Kerala wish to contribute information or, who has 'spare or copies of' photographs of historical (older than 50 years) Churches of any , and who would like to share these with others for memories on this page, please send the same to Ronnie Johnson, 5/3 King Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025. If You wish to send '.jpg' files please send to Ronnie.

There is another page dedicated to St. Francis Church where you will find information on the Church as well as photographs.

Here are some photographs of the Santa Cruz Church, Fort Cochin, when I get the history, I would porbably make another page.

Santa Crus view through the front gate View through the rear gate

School attached to the Church

This Home Page on the Churches of Cochin (Kochi) will be updated as and when I get contributions from You Readers as I do not know when I will go back to Cochin to complete what I started.

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