The Bassetts can be traced back to the Norman invasion of England in 1066. The name is French (derived from the word for short) but the ancestry is probably Scandinavian, since the Normans were Vikings, who invaded France in the 900s and promtly adopted the French language, no doubt changing all their names along the way. Anyway, there is a record of an Osmond Basset and a Raoul Basset at the Battle of Hastings. What became of them is unclear, but certainly some Bassets soon profited out of the invasion by acquiring a substantial property in Cornwall. The family seat was at Tehidy in the parish of Illogan near Redruth.

The Bassets held on to the property until the 19th century, exploiting the tin resources that were abundant in the area. There is no direct link between them and my ancestors other than proximity. They certainly weren't closely related since they spelt their name with an extra "t" and they certainly weren't wealthy. However, my guess is they probably were related, descended from some younger son many hundreds of years ago, gradually slipping out of the high society. Madron and Gulval are villages on the outskirts of Penzance around 20km from Redruth. Portreath, just a couple of kms from Redruth was formerly known as Basset's Cove.


William Bassett m. Ann Ripper 4-11-1705 Redruth


William Bassett m. Margery Grenfield 23-8-1735 Madron


William Bassett m. Eleanor Sampson 23-3-1761 Madron

Nicholas Bassett m. Caroline Semmens 10-1-1796 St Hilary


William Bassett m. Jane Matthews 13-9-1783 Madron

John Bassett m. Catherine Bealey 18-11-1820 Madron


Henry Bassett m. Eliza Semmens 19-2-1863

Ellen Bassett m. Henry Tonkin 1876


John and Jane Bassett set sail from Plymouth on 19-9-1848 aboard the William Money and arrived in Adelaide SA on 3-1-1849. They lived happily in South Australia for nearly 20 years until Jane died in 1867. Then then moved to Albury-Wodonga on the NSW-Victorian border and later to Condobolin in the NSW Central West.


John Bassett m. Jane Thomas 15-4-1848 Madron CON

John Bassett m2. Elizabeth Polmear 26-5-1875 Beechworth VIC


James Bassett m. Margaret Polmear 22-7-1878 Beechworth VIC

John Bassett m. Martha Loomes 1874 Albury NSW

John Bassett m2. Lillian Sadgrove 1901 Brighton

Ellen Bassett m. John Carew 1873 Albury NSW

Ellen Bassett m2. Arthur Tuckey 13-8-1881 Wagga Wagga NSW

Elizabeth Bassett m. John Swann 1875 Albury

Elizabeth Bassett m2. Samuel Needham 1917 Junee NSW

Walter Bassett m. Marian Ridley 12-3-1886 Forbes NSW

Walter Bassett m2. Emily Lucas 19-7-1893 Wagga Wagga NSW

Henry Bassett m. Mary Mackrell 1889 Condobolin NSW

Alfred Bassett m. Emma Whiley 25-6-1888 Condobolin NSW

Arthur Bassett m. Jane Short 1910 Yackandandah VIC

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