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It's my goal to have this page be of real service to those in need of help and/or information.
This page is essentially meant to work in tandem with both my Architects and Homeless Resource pages.
The Architects Links section has been included here, because a long-term solution for housing is vitally needed, as well as emergency stop-gap measures.
In many places around the globe, low-income housing is being destroyed and replaced with high-income housing, thus depriving many of affordable shelter.
These architectural links have all been chosen for resourcefulness and sense of innovation,as well as awareness of the environment and economical building materials.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, ideas and comments; (Email me with any helpful links, please)
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Asian Americans for Equality
Added 29.October.2000
Better Housing League of Greater Cincinnati
Added 29.October.2000
Builders Without Borders
"Builders Without Borders is an international network of ecological builders who form partnerships with communities and organizations around the world to create affordable housing out of local materials, and to work together for a sustainable future."
Added 18.October.2001
Build 4 Health
"It is my hope that you will want to visit this page often to explore with me the growing need to find ways to design, build and maintain healthier buildings that are both good for the occupants and safe for the environment in which they reside. See new tips each month." Marston Gregory, B.B.E.I.
California Cities Home Ownership Authority-CCHOA
"About three years ago, several cities joined together in the dream of creating an organization to help renters to become homeowners. They formed CCHOA (California Cities Home Ownership Authority). They created a program to help those who are able to make monthly home owner payments, but who have not been able to save enough money for the down payment."
Added 29.October.2000
Caracole, Inc.
"Caracole takes its name from the French word that describes an encircling shell that provides shelter and refuge even as it grows and expands.
This is what we offer the person living with HIV/AIDS: a safe, secure environment that allows them to live and grow in a family-like setting of mutual support and caring."
Added 29.October.2000
Christmas in April
"Welcome to Christmas in April, Albany-Berkeley-Emeryville. We are a non-profit, community organization that rehabilitates the homes of low-income, disabled seniors. Home safety repairs are completed by volunteers during an annual work-blitz during the month of April. This neighbor-helping-neighbor approach unites people from diverse backgrounds to assist elderly and disabled persons in need....."
CRASH is "a private sector charity working with homelessness charities in the UK to improve their premises for service delivery."
Added July 30,2002
Limited Equity Co-ops, Limited Equity Condos,& Affordable Resident-Controlled Housing
"The page with all the answers about resident control"
added 29.October.2000
Corporation for Supportive Housing
"CSH helps build a unique type of housing that lets homeless and disabled people connect to homes, health care, jobs, and the community."
Fuprovi: Social Housing in Costa Rica
".. FUPROVI uses alternative methods designed to bring balanced short- and long-term solutions to low-income families.."
Habitat for Humanity International
HomeAid America-Building Hope and Homes for the Temporarily Homeless
Added 2.December.2000
Homes Not Jails Boston
added 3.September.2000
House the Homeless
Housing America
Housing Assistance Council (HAC)
"The purpose of the Housing Crisis Center is to prevent homelessness and to stabilize families, the elderly, and the disabled in decent, affordable,
permanent housing and to empower these groups to solve their own housing problems in the future."
Added 29.October.2000
Housing New Canadians
"Housing New Canadians is a research partnership focused on housing access and discrimination in the Toronto area, where about forty percent of all newcomers to Canada settle...."
added 29.October.2000
National Affordable Housing Network
"In all of our projects and products, we strive to represent the consumer in low-cost housing design by providing technical assistance, designing detailed houseplans, and other educational materials to ensure that resource efficiency features are included in the design of low-income housing in the United States...."
National Home Of Your Own Alliance
"The National Home of Your Own Alliance is funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities to promote opportunities for people with disabilities to own and control their homes.
All of the Alliance's literature, information, and technical assistance is designed to facilitate this outcome. While significant barriers to making home ownership and control a reality exist for many individuals, the Alliance remains committed to overcoming these barriers...."
Added 29.October.2000
National Low Income Housing Coalition
Added 2.December.2000
Natural Building Resources at www.StrawBaleCentral.com
New Housing Opportunities
Added 29.October.2000
Ontario and Toronto Tenants
added 1.April.2002
Oregon Coalition on Housing and Homelessness
added 3.October.2000
The Quest Trust
"The Quest Trust has developed two linked services which have become indispensable tools for everyone concerned with community development, whether they are local activists or landlords." (UK-based)
Added 29.October.2000
Red Feather Development Group
"Red Feather Development Group is a national nonprofit housing and community development organization. We work with American Indian nations to find lasting solutions for the acute lack of proper housing and desperate poverty that continue to plague many of these communities."
Added 29.October.2000
SCHD:So Cal Housing Development Corp
"Southern California Housing Development Corporation is one of the largest nonprofit providers of affordable housing in the state. We are dedicated to revitalizing communities through acquisition and rehabilitation of existing housing or through new construction of housing.
We are a nonprofit organization with nearly 3,500 units under management and/or ownership. Our dedication to the communities we serve is exemplified in our highest standards of professional property management and our commitment to providing vital on-site services to enrich our residents' quality of life."
Added 29.October.2000
Supportive Housing Association
"The Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey (SHA) is a statewide non-profit organization whose mission is to assist in the establishment of a strong supportive housing industry in New Jersey serving persons with disabilities."
added 29.October.2000
Terry's Sustainable Living Links
UK Social Housing Ring
Added 29.October.2000
USA Today (Magazine):Helping People Off the Streets: Real Solutions to Urban Homelessness
Author/s: Robert V. Hess Issue: Jan, 2000
"Policies must be put in place to guarantee a living wage--the minimum income needed for an individual or family to meet basic needs: housing, food, health care, transportation, and clothing."
Added 25.October.2000
This site won the "Voice of the Homeless" award. It is an amazing resource.

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