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Hawaiian Happyface Spider Adoption Center

Copyright Spotling 1997

If you agreed to all of the conditions on the previous page, then you are ready to adopt your new pet spider.

Right-click on the spider of your choice and take your spider home!

These spiders are on dark backgrounds so that you can see them.

Spider ASpider BSpider C

These are the same spiders without any background. It is hard to see them right now, but they will be easier to work with if you plan to put them on a background.

Spider ASpider BSpider C

Here are some funny spiders.

Spider reading newspaperSpider with funny nose

You may use these logos if you wish.

Spot's LogoLogoSpider Logo

If you have software such as Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro, etc., you may alter your image. For example, you can merge your spider onto a background, rotate it in a different direction, make it bigger or smaller, etc. Be creative! If you absolutely can't resist, you may draw glasses or a moustache on your spider, but please don't do anything really mean to it. You may get some accessories and backgrounds for your spider on the next page or draw your own.

If you don't have any graphics software, or don't want to draw, then you may take one of the completed pictures.

Enjoy you new spider!

Give Your Spider a Hawaiian Name

If you would like to give your spider a Hawaiian name, or see what your name is in Hawaiian, please visit this site: Internet Island

You may also find some names in this book: The Melting Pot Book of Baby Names, Third Edition, by Connie Lockhart Ellefson, Betterway Books, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1995. You can also find lots of baby name books and pet name books in libraries and bookstores.

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