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Adopt a Hawaiian Happyface Spider

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Mother Spider with BabiesMother Spider with Eggs

Would you like to adopt a Hawaiian Happyface Spider? These tiny spiders were discovered in 1973 in the rainforests of Hawaii. Actually their bodies are only 1/4 inch long, but we have drawn them larger so that you can see them better. They are called Happyface Spiders because of the pattern on their abdomen that looks like a smiling face. Each spider has a one-of-a-kind pattern, and the patterns differ from island to island.

The spiders crawl around on tree trunks and leaves. They catch insects for food. The mother Happyface Spiders guard their eggs and care for the babies until the spiderlings are old enough to take care of themselves.

The scientific name of the Happyface Spider is Theridion grallator. To see a picture of a real one, please visit the Honolulu Star-Bulletin website.

If you would like more information on Happyface Spiders, here are some good books to read:

Before you adopt your Happyface Spider, please read the following guidelines:

If you agree to all of these conditions, then you may proceed to the Spider Adoption Center to select your new pet.

Please visit Benji's Home Page There is a picture of Hau'oli and its friend, Kisses the Lips, and lots of other pictures of the Petz and Oddballz in Hawaii.

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Look, Remember, Play

by Panda Productions, Inc.

Look, Remember, Play by Panda Productions, Inc.

A picture of our Hawaiian Happyface Spider has been included in a game called Look, Remember, Play by Panda Productions, Inc.

The game Look, Remember, Play may be purchased at the following locations on Oahu

The game may also be purchased online from the Volcano Art Center Gift Shop