Articles About Hamlet

These would include any articles about the play in general, other movie versions, screenplay & website reviews, comparative essays, and various other aspects of the film.

  • The Astor Theatre. Here's a place where you can download trailers, posters, and pictures.
  • The Australian. An article on modern adaptations of Hamlet as a sign of the times.
  • The Software & Games Directory. A short blurb on the Hamlet CD-ROM game.
  • Liberty Online. The politics of it all!
  • Stage Whispers. Little snippets of various topics regarding the making of the movie.
  • The Seattle Times. "Just who is Hamlet?"
  • John Broderick. A feminist interpretation of Ophelia in Branagh's film.
  • NewStandard. Hamlet's length and possible cuts.
  • Literature/Film Quarterly. An essay discussing the visual metaphors of the film.
  • Film Written Magazine. A comparison between Branagh's Hamlet and the recent version starring Ethan Hawke.
  • CSFU Newsletter. An article on the filming of the fencing scenes, written by an extra.
  • Leigh DiAngelo. Another feminist interpretation of Ophelia in the film.
  • Inside Film. Adapting Shakespeare for the screen including interviews with some of the cast.
  • Great Plains Journal. A close look at Ophelia as portrayed in the Branagh-, Zeffirelli-, and Bennett- (BBC) directed versions.
  • Newsweek. On the popularity of Shakespeare.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle. A humourous look at Hamlet.
  • Slummit. A short comparison of Branagh's and Olivier's Hamlets.
  • Early Modern Literary Studies. You know someone had to do it sometime: a psychoanalysis of Branagh's Hamlet.
  • The Irish News. Hamlet Premiere.
  • Resurrection Joe. An essay on filmic translations (or abandonment) of the "Oedipal Hamlet".
  • The Irish News. Discusses upcoming premiere.
  • Slummit. An essay comparing Olivier's Hamlet to Branagh's.
  • Modest Proposals. Romeo + Juliet vs. Hamlet.
  • Wide Gauge Film and Video Monthly. An article about Hamlet and the 70mm format.
  • New York Review of Books. An article that discusses four recent films, Lurmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Branagh's Hamlet, Pacino's Looking for Richard, and Nunn's Twelfth Night, as well as a London production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Margaret Chappell Price. An essay examining Ophelia's role in Branagh's film from a feminist perspective.
  • Daily Egyptian. An informal survey comparing an Illinois audiences' knowledge of Star Wars and Hamlet.
  • Electronic Telegraph. The screenplay.
  • The Shakespeare Newsletter. A synopsis of Columbia University's Professor Bernice Kliman's speech on Branagh's Hamlet.
  • NewStandard. Shakespearean movies.
  • Slummit. An essay comparing Branagh's and Olivier's versions.
  • MetroActive. Discusses Shakespeare's wordiness.
  • The International Worker's Bulletin. Who is Hamlet?
  • Winnipeg Free Press. Why Castle Rock chose to release the 4-hour version.
  • Literature/Film Quarterly. A short article about the screenplay.
  • The Australian. Some interesting new ideas about the staging and casting of Hamlet.
  • The Progressive Populist. Where did Hamlet go wrong and what should he have done instead?
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