This page contains exerpts from Christopher Pike's books. I really hope people visit these pages, because it took forever to type these all out!!! :)

All excerpts are Copyright Christopher Pike

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Bury Me Deep Chain Letter Chain Letter 2 The Cold One
Die Softly Execution Of Innocence The Eternal Enemy Fall Into Darkness
Final Friends 1 Final Friends 2 Final Friends 3 Gimme A Kiss
The Grave The Hollow Skull The Immortal Last Act
The Last Vampire Last Vampire 2
Last Vampire 3
Last Vampire 4
Last Vampire 5 Last Vampire 6 The Lost Mind Magic Fire
Master Of Murder The Midnight Club Monster Remember Me
Remember Me 2 Remember Me 3 Road To Nowhere Scavenger Hunt
See You Later Slumber Party Spellbound The Star Group
Starlight Crystal The Tachyon Web The Visitor Weekend
Whisper Of Death The Wicked Heart Witch