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Autometer Website Autometer Gauges Review
by HADA member Z-Man

Gauges: Autometer electric oil pressure, vaccum, and volt meter
Mount: Gauge Works custom a-pillar guage holder (carbon fiber look)

It has been roughly a year since the gauges were installed. The install took some time but only becase I was doing it for the first time. Looking back now it's fairly easy, the instructions are clear and detailed enough. The guages themselves still look and perform like the first day.

Pic: Autometer Gauges As I recently changed the oil on the car I did some extra looking at the oil pressure sensor. While that part does not look like it first did, it still does the job. Oil pressure readings have been steady through the hot summer months and the cold winter months (maybe because of Mobil 1, but regardless they have been steady). The only thing that has developed over the months is that the vaccum gauge makes a slight buzz with it's needle whenever at WOT. Other then that they have been perfect (knock on wood here). Just what I expected from Autometer.

The guage works piece on the other hand was *slightly* disappointing. The finish is great, it holds the gauges very snung, however the fit on the car isn't 100% accurate. With the door closed the imperfection cannot be noticed, but with the door open, the bottom part of the holder does not completly hug the a-pillar. There is a noticable gap of ~.5" that one can see all of the wires used to connect the gauges. Not really a big deal to me but it is noticable. Overall it's shape has not changed over the year, it didn't lose any colour and no other blemishes have appeared.

So there you have it. After a year of service I'm glad to report that I'm very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone that is intrested to know how their car is running. I was planning to order the new autometer A/F gauge but fellow HADA member Theo has found a product that I chose instead.