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Pic: Konig GT-R Konig GT-R 15x6.5"

I originally purchased these wheels for my 1994 Honda Civic Si. The stock wheel on the '94 Si is 14" in diameter. A plus one upgrade to 15" wheels was chosen for good turn-in response, extra width for lateral traction, a good selection of tires in that size, and looks. For autocross or road racing, a 14" diameter (or even 13") but in a much wider width might be the ideal, but not practical for everyday street use. The 16" and larger sizes tend to be heavier and situate their weight further out from the axis of rotation, hurting accelleration performance. As well, the low sidewall height required with the larger wheel sizes mean the rim is quite susceptible to being dented by potholes and railway crossings. The larger sized wheels are also more expensive, as are the tires for these sizes.

The Konig GT-R features a silver painted center section with a polished lip. Black with either a red or blue lip is also available.

Pic: GT-R This wheel was chosen for several reasons. Konig is a well known company whose wheels are made in Japan, unlike some other high profile wheel companies' wheels that are made in Thailand or Taiwan. These wheels were also relatively inexpensive for a name-brand wheel.

I run the stock 15" alloy wheels with winter tires during the snowy season.

Update 3/11/01
After almost 6 years of summer use, these wheels are due for replacement (at least for street use). Several big potholes have taken their toll, and one of the wheels is "out of round". While still useable, the result is a mild shake at the steering wheel if that wheel is mounted on the front, or a mild rumble from the rear if it is mounted on the back. I have replaced them with a set of 16" Kosei K1 Racing wheels and Dunlop SP Sport FM901 tires for street use, and using the Konig GT-Rs mounted with race compound tires for Solo II and track use.

Other than the one bent wheel, these wheels still look like new, and show almost no signs of pitting or scratches. The main reason they still look so good is that they have never been run in the winter, but keeping them clean also helps (as well as avoiding potholes).

Pic: SiR GT-R