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Energy Suspension shifter bushing kit

Energy Suspensionís shifter bushing kit is an inexpensive way to improve you shifting dramatically. For less than $20 and less than an hourís work, you can have much more positive shifts. The kit comes with replacement bushings for the both ends of the change extension, plus collar for between the bushings on the transmission end of the extension. The stock mounting hardware is retained. Installation involves removing three 12mm bolts, removing the old bushings, installing the new bushings and collar (four pieces), and re-installing the 12mm bolts. My install was done in conjunction with the B&M Edge shifter install of 1 hour, but on their own, the Energy Suspension shifter bushing kit should take about 15 to 20 minutes to install.

Performance wise, the Energy Suspension bushings firm up the shifting a huge degree. The shifting no longer feels rubbery, but instead feels very direct. Shifts feel much more positive. The sensation is quite satisfying, possibly because the shift lever is one of the five ways you directly feel the mechanism of the vehicle (along with the clutch, brake, accelerator and steering wheel), so tightening up the shifter gives the whole car a racier feel. If there is a drawback, it is increased buzz through the shift lever if you leave your hand on it near redline, which I personally would call sensory candy, not a drawback, but you know some peopleÖ

The Energy Suspension shifter bushing kit is one accessory anyone with a manual transmission Civic or Integra should have. It is cheaper than a visit to McDonalds with your significant other, and involves about the same time to install.

I installed the rearmost Energy Suspension bushing from the kit for my '94 Si into my '99 SiR. The front ES bushing from my '94 Si does not fit the SiR - the size and shape of the bushing required is different. With the ES bushing in the rear only, and the B&M Edge short shifter installed, the already great stock shifting on the SiR was greatly improved. Shifts are shorter and far more direct, with no rubbery feeling. With this setup I find myself doing the 1-2 and 3-4 shift with just my fingertips and a quick flick.

Update April 2005
After running the partial kit for the past six years, I finally purchsed the proper Energy Suspension kit for the SiR. Along with a Skunk2 short shifter, the kit is a big improvement over the partial ES kit and B&M shifter I was using previously.

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