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Steve Martin is a fantastic actor. My fave Steve movie is "Sgt. Bilko". Fave quote: "Make the bad man stop!" Steve was also in a comedy with the late John Candy, as an uptight traveler going home for Christmas constantly thrown together with John Candy's character. The result, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", is a hilarious comedy with a slightly touching end. I never saw "Father of the Bride", but I did see part 2. I also loved him in "House Sitter" with Goldie Hawn. I think that's when I actively started looking for him. Steve plays the voice of an associate to the pharoh in The Prince of Egypt. This animated flick is based on the story of Moses (voiced by Val Kilmer in the title role).

I'm sure you are wnderingy I haven't update in a while. Well, I have something to report! BowfingerTrailer is now in theaters! Find out more in the Flix!!! Steve's idea was based on hollywood. IT will be released this FRIDAY!!!!! So go get your tickets!!!

Los Angeles and off-Broadway in New York. Martin's newest writing effort is Pure Drivel, a lyrical, whimsical, scathing, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny collection of new and previously published short pieces. (thanks, Bowfinger Website)

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