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Black Curriculum Material and Resources
3D - publishes and markets history books, math products and more, including clip art. New Book Release: Black, Copper, & Bright The District of Columbia's Black Civil War Regiment by C.R. Gibbs

African American Baseline Essays and Lesson Plans

African Bookstore

African Canadian Online - pays tribute and attention to the spirit of these Black pioneers and their accomplishments.

African Dieli: (sells Hieroglyphics for Babies - by Ayi Kwei Armah & Aboubacry Mousa Lam. ISBN: 2-911928-02-4

A Different Booklist

Africa Interactive Maps

African American Holocaust

African American Images - sells the Setclae curriculum and over 4000 titles

African American Odyssey
African American Studies Media Library

African American Studies Toolkit: Math & Science

The African-American Teachers' Lounge

African American Women Inventors

African Bookstore

African Canadian Heritage

African Diaspora Central


African Math Bibliography

African Studies Internet Resources

African Symbols: Adinkra and VèVè

Africans in America

Afro American Kids Videos

Afro Awakenings Books Etc.

Afrocentric Debate Resource Homepage (a list of Afrocentric educational material @ Amazon)

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Anansi Homepage

Appreciating African Languages lesson plan

Articles: Education is answer, says report on Blacks


Ashanti Room

Ashaware - Afrocentric software

Bacon & Hughes - Through them you can also order the Nelson Caribbean textbooks and workbooks through B & H. Click on "Shop" in the top right corner to find the Caribbean books (you can order through B & H). Type in keywords "west indian" or "caribbean" etc.

Been Here So Long - An Introduction to the American Slave Narratives

Black History Resources

Black Quest-African American, Educational, & History Software Game.

Black Indians & Intertribal Native American Association (BIINAA)

Black Inventors

Black Inventors from Africa to America (book)

Blue Mountain Media

Brown Sugar & Spice Book & Educational Services:
Lots of Black history biographies, children's picture books and other top-quality resources. Need help deciding which books fit your curriculum, just call for a free consultation: (734) 729-0501 The owner, Jacqueline, homeschooled for 17 years, her kids are in college, and she now runs this afrocentric book webstore.

Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium

Cindy's List


Cush City

Empak Publishing

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Ethnic by Design

The Frederick Douglass Papers (at the Library of Congress) - contains over 2,000 items including a partial handwritten draft of his third autobiography, _The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass_, and a biography of his wife, Anna Murray Douglass, written by their daughter, Rosetta Douglass Sprague. In addition to writings by Douglass, visitors will find material from authors such as Henry Ward Beecher, Ida B. Wells, Lydia Maria Child, and Horace Greeley. Users can keyword search the collection or browse by series.

Hausa Online Grammar

Hausa Voices

Just Us Books

K - 12 Guide for African Studies; K-12 Guide for African Resources on the Internet

K - 12 Lesson Plans (Africa)

K - 12 Resources - University of Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program Outreach Services

Knowledge Bookstore

Little Scholars

Lost Feather Historical Reasearch Site
The untold story of the indidgenous Black American (north and south)

Macmillan Caribbean

Macmillan Africa

Math Trek (Awari, an ancient African game)

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

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Mary Ann Shadd Cary (National Library of Canada)


Midnight Ramble - Afrocentric Children's Videos

National African Languages Resource Center

Ontario Celebrates Black History Month

Ontario's Underground Railroad

Peoples Publishing Group

PBS: Kids Africa, Africa for Kids, African American World for Kids


Mildred D. Taylor study guide

Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural Center & Bookstore

Ta_Seti Kmt and African Civilization (egroup)

The Afrocentric Experience

The Museum of Black Inventors

Ujamaa Maktaba - sells KiSwahili Dictionary

Virtual Black History Museum

Virtual Museums of the MASTERS

W.E.B. DuBois Virtual University

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