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As of 1/1/98
Title Style/Description Composer/Sequencer Added
Giant Steps Contemporary John Coltrane-Sequenced by:Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Modus Interruptus Contemporary Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Maiden Voyage Contemporary Herbie Hancock-Sequenced by:Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Pinnochio Contemporary Weather Report-Sequenced by:Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Holeshot Funk Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Land of Make Believe Contemporay Chuck Mangione- Sequenced and arranged by: Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Bellivia Contemporay Chuck Mangione- Sequenced and arranged by: Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Bluer Blues Ballad Eric Elliott 1/9/98
Send in The Clowns Ballad- Big Band Stan Kenton-Sequenced by:Eric Elliott 1/9/98
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As of 1/15/98
Title Style/Description Composer/Sequencer Added
Herbie Contemporary Unknown 1/15/98
Bill's Boogie Boogie Bill Dickson 1/15/98
Jazzmaniac Jazz Waltz Rado Ratovonarivo 1/15/98
Romantic Warrior Contemporary Chick Corea - Sequenced by: Jon Smith 1/15/98
Extra Crispy Big Band Unknown 1/15/98

As of 02/1/98
Title Style/Description Composer/Sequencer Added
Impressions Cool Jazz Unknown 2/1/98
Pick Up The Pieces Jazz Funk Unknown 2/1/98
Well You Needn't Piano Trio - Swing Average White Band 2/1/98
I Thought About You Piano Trio - Swing Doug McKenzie 2/1/98
Broadway Piano Trio Woode, McRae, Byrd - Sequenced by: Doug McKenzie 2/1/98
Soon In The Style of Grusin Gershwin - Seqenced by: Doug McKenzie 2/1/98
Beautiful Love Piano Trio Young, King, Gillespie - Sequenced by: Doug McKenzie 2/1/98
Speak Low Solo/Piano Trio Sequenced by: Doug McKenzie 2/1/98
You Stepped Out of a Dream Piano Trio Kahn and Brown - Sequenced by: Doug McKenzie 2/1/98
Caravan (Virgin Jungle) Latin Unknown 2/15/98

As of 3/1/98
Title Style/Description Composer/Sequencer Added
Au Privave Comtemporary Unknown 3/1/98
My Favorite Things Contemporary Unknown 3/1/98
Tranquility Easy Jazz Pete Weis 3/1/98
Zzjkjkjk Funk Unknown 3/1/98
Groove Vibes Funk Andrew Meehan 3/1/98

As of 3/26/98
Title Style/Description Composer/Sequencer Added
Consolation Bosa Nova Alan Minton 3/26/98
What Me Worry? Blues Alan Minton 3/26/98
Some Regrets Ballad Alan Minton 3/26/98

As of 6/1/98
Title Style/Description Composer/Sequencer Added
Black Narcissus Jazz Combo Joe Henderson-- Sequenced by:Christopher L.Burnett 6/1/98
Tito Puente Especial Big Band Tito Puente--sequenced by: Christopher L.Burnett 6/1/98
Joyed Unclassified Antonio Martorella 6/1/98
This Side Up Swing Allen Minton 6/1/98
Monsoon Over Rangoon Unclassified Allen Minton 6/1/98
Autumn Leaves Piano Solo Re-sequenced by: Rafiq Premji 6/1/98
Kicker Contemporary Chick Corea--Sequenced by : Chris L. Burnett 6/1/98

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