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Pull up a chair & join us for some fun..... many cool links to fun, games, contests, prizes, wealth & fame!!!!

LadyLuck in no way endorses any of the following sites, and accepts NO responsibility for damages caused by participation in any of the games. She also refuses to accept responsibility for any actions, decisions, or errors in judgement she may make regarding her life. This disclaimer may not be legal and binding, and she accepts no responsibility for THAT either!


The following are links to some of the funniest sites I have come across on the Web. If you know of a funny site send it to me. I am always looking for a laugh.

Favorite E-Mails

The Funny Bone Homepage


Netaholics Anonymous

Random Neural Firings

You might be addicted to irc if...


Ever dream of striking it RICH??? Or just looking to kill a few hours while the boss is away?? Then check out some of these great game sites!!!!

Yes, it's true. Online gambling, what will they think of next???? CASINO ROYALE

Play for real money, and it is totally FREE!!!! You just CAN'T lose with these prices. The Bingo Zone

Definately NOT free, but worth a look. The prizes are unbelievable. Win-A-CAR

Play a variety of card games against other folks, or the computer. Internet Gaming Zone

Leaving Las Vegas

CNET Gamecenter

Happy Puppy's Page

Sandbox - The Interactive Entertainment Network

Welcome to Riddler

Yoyodyne Home Page


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