The Lestathenaeum:  For the Appreciation and Veneration of Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat


As of today, 12/13/03, this site is temporarily on hiatus. It will, of course, remain open for business; however, I will be unable to make any more updates due to the suddenly very busy and very stressful nature of my life. If and when I ever gain some free time, I will be updating then. Until that point, please feel free to continue enjoying the site, and e-mail me if you like.

ath*e*nae*um or ath*e*ne*um (noun)
[Latin Athenaeum, a school in ancient Rome for the study of arts, from Greek Athenaion, a temple of Athena, from Athene]

les*tat (vampire)
[Main character in author Anne Rice's popular book series, The Vampire Chronicles, aka world's most notorious undead bad-ass]

Welcome to The Lestathenaeum. This site is exactly what it says, for the appreciation and veneration of one, Lestat de Lioncourt. What, you might ask, could anyone see in a vampire, and a fictional one at that? Well, if you don't know the answer to that question, then you obviously haven't read the books, so shame on you! If you're still curious, though, read my Mission Statement. In any case, this site is dedicated to all things Lestat; here you will find quotes, pics (mostly of Tommy you-know-who), specs/fics, and other goodies. If you have comments or questions regarding the site, or would just like to discuss our benevolent Brat Prince, please feel free to e-mail me, or just drop me a line on AIM [SN - BratLestat].

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  • [05/12/03] I've added a new page to the site focusing on the upcoming Broadway adaptation of The Vampire Chronicles. The page will contain all the info I can find on the production. Right now the site just has a poll on it, which I encourage you to fill out, because I'm eager to know what everyon thinks about this fairly major development. I'm working on getting some news articles up. If you have any info, links to articles, or scans of articles, please e-mail me.
  • [05/11/03] I've been away for quite awhile, as not much has been going on in the world of Anne as of late. I'm working on several updates for the site, however. Thanks to a new ally of mine, I'm working on constructing a fan art gallery, so if you have any drawings of Lestat (or any VampChron characters, really), please Lestat's Lessons page.


  • [05/11/03] Vampire Lestat Musical in the works! Can you believe it? According to a message on Anne's Official Site, as well as one on Elton John's Official Site (click on the "news" link once you're there), Elton and his lyricist Bernie Taupin are putting together a musical based on the first three books in the VC. Anne is said to be really excite about it, and the show is set to debut in 2005.
  • [05/11/03] Anne also has news on Blood Canticle, the final book in which Lestat speaks (she "thinks" is what she says, so who knows?) up at her site. She says it's a book in which the Mayfairs figure in prominantly, but the book is in Lestat's voice, which has certainly been a loooong time coming. More info as it rolls in.

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