A Quick Start Guide to Common Calculators (Statistics)

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  1. students who inherited calculators without manuals
  2. students with manuals that tell them more than they want to know
  3. the beleaguered instructors of all these students

Each page has instructions on how to enter data (both one and two variable), how to compute mean, standard deviation (both population and sample), correlation, linear regression coefficients, combinations, permutations, and (importantly) how to turn the calculator on and off.  

 TI  (Texas Instruments)  Casio  HP (Hewlett-
 Sharp Other Brands
  TI-25X  fc-100v    HP 9g  EL-506D

Commodore S-61 (Statistician)

 TI-30STAT  fx-100W  HP 9s  EL-506L  Datexx DS-883
  TI-30X  fx-115MS   HP 10B  EL-506M  Datexx DS-736 II
 TI-30Xa  fx-115s  HP 10B II  EL-506R  Aurora SC150X
 TI-30Xa Solar  fx-115W  HP 12C  EL-506V
 TI-30XIIS  fc-200v   HP 15C  EL-506W NEW!  Microsoft Excel
 TI-BA II Plus  fx-250hc  HP 17bII  EL-520V  
 TI-BA-35  fx-260  HP 30s  EL-531R  
 TI-BA-35 Solar  fx-270W  HP 33s  EL-531V  Radio Shack
 TI Collegiate SC-10  fx-300ES NEW!  HP 48G  EL-546L   EC-4034
 TI-34  fx-300MS Plus   HP 48GX   EL-5200  EC-4042
 TI-34II  fx-300V  HP 50g NEW!  EL-9200C  EC-4043
  TI-35X  fx-300W    EL-9400  EC-4044
  TI-36X  fx-550s    EL-9600   Scientific Calculator
  TI-36X II  fx-570s    EL-9650  
 TI-37 Galaxy Solar  fx-600M    EL-9900  
  TI-40 College II  fx-3900pv


  TI-55-II   fx-6300g       
  TI-68  fx-7400g  Citizen Calculators  
 TI-73  fx-9750g SR-135  SRP-300
 TI-74 Basicalc  fx-9860g SRP-285ii
 TI-80  fx-9960g     
 TI-81  cfx-9800g      
 TI-82  cfx-9850      
 TI-83  cfx-9950gb +      
  TI-84    cfx-9970g      
 TI-85 fx Algebra 2.0      
 TI-89 Titanium        
 TI-95 Procalc        

Now 100 different calculators!

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If you discover errors on these pages or if you can supply information about a calculator model not included here, please contact either Carol Kuiper (kuiperc@muohio.edu) or Jack Tedeski  (jacktedeski@yahoo.com).  We will add to these pages as we receive new information.  

Jack Tedeski and Carol Kuiper created this website. Last update occurred on 6/10/2008.

Many thanks go to Cindy Eberts and Jim Dobbin for collecting some of this material. We are also indebted to the dozens of STAT 113, 225, and 301T students who contributed information about their calculators.

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