Fibromyalgia Syndrome Information

These sites have alot of excellent information regarding Fibromyalgia Syndrome. However if you suspect you have this medical condition please contact your medical professional for treatment.

Alternatives BBS (Home of the BC Fibromyalgia Society)

Alternatives BBS Fibromyalgia File Library

BC Fibromyalgia Society Home Page

Marc Fluks Home Page on CFS/FM

Fibromyalgia NetworkBullet

Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation - Fibrospace Network

AOL's FMS Homepage

Colorado HealthNet Fibromyalgia Center

Moira's Canberra Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Pages

Devin Starlanyl's FM/MPS Information Page

Healthy Net - FM Reports

Fellow FM Patient Homepages

Jausten's Fibromyalgia Serendipities - Check out her Online FM Journal

Camilla Cracchiolo's Home Page - For FAQ files on Natural Herbs

Bill Jackson's CFS/FM TOONPAGE - A humorous look at CFS and FM

Helen's Home Page - The "Youth" Perspective on FM

There is also a Usenet Group available :

Please note that Alternatives BBS is also FTP'able and TELNET'able at:

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