About Buck

Buck is a 35 year old Baker for Canada Safeway....and yes he's great to have around during Christmas time :) Except when he goes overboard making Nanaimo Bars!!!

Buck doesn't seem to make it online as much as he use to... he's too busy playing with CorelDraw these days. If he does venture into IRC it's usually on the Undernet's #35plus Channel.

When not playing with CorelDraw he's usually playing games (7th Guest, Myst), or found duffing around that darn golf course in Maple Ridge trying to get over that gully or crawling around the gully looking for his golf ball! :) He hasn't been golfing long but he's already beating his tutor so he must be doing something right! :)

He really enjoys hanging out at the :

Buck developed his nick from a Junior B Hockey Team that he and TvBabe use to cover for TV named the Port Coquitlam Buckaroos :) Buck also was a sports technical director.

19th HoleThis is where Buck enjoys himself the most!

MailboxCare to send Buck some email? :)

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