Companion Conditions

Since your Fibromyalgia Syndrome can be compromised by other medical conditions it's best to educate yourself on other possible medical complications that can arise from time to time in SOME Fibromyalgia patients.

These sites have alot of excellent information regarding companion conditions that do come up occasionally. However if you suspect you have any of these medical condition(s) please contact your medical professional for treatment.

Sleep Medicine Home Page - For information on Sleep Disorders

Scott's Plantar Fasciitis Page - For information on Heel and Foot PainBullet

The Arthritis Society - For information on ArthritisBullet

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages - For information on Gulf War SyndromeBullet

Mental Health Net - For information of Mental Health Issues Bullet

Raven's Chronic Pain Pages - Learn to approach your Pain Bullet

Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical ReferenceBullet

Thyroid Foundation of America HomepageBullet

Facts about Raynaud's PhenomenonBullet

Restless Leg SyndromeBullet

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