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This is a list of Nixon or Nixon related books in my library. Reviews will appear soon. In the meantime * will grade each book (a) =anti Nixon (p) =pro Nixon and (b) =balanced.

Memoirs of Richard Nixon -by Richard Nixon  (*****)p

Six Crises by Richard Nixon  (*****)p                                                                                         

Exile-The unique oblivion of RN by Robert Sam Anson(****)a

Kennedy & Nixon -by Christopher Matthews(****)b

Nixon A Life - Jonathon Aitken (to be reviewed)

Nixon -Off the Record -Monica Crowley (***)p

Nixon In Winter -Monica Crowley(to be reviewed)

Nixon’s Road to Watergate - Frank Mankiewicz(tbr)a

All the President’s Men - Woodward/Bernstein (****)a

The Final Days - Woodward/Bernstein(****)a

Blind Ambition - John Dean (to be reviewed)

The Wars of Watergate - Stanley I Kutler (tbr)

Nixon - The triumph of a politician 62-72 -Stephen Ambrose(tbr)

Breach of Faith, The fall of RN -Theodore H White(tbr)

RN-In the Arena by RN(*****)p

The Ends of Power-H R Haldeman(*****)b

Abuse of Power -Stanley I Kutler(*****)b

Nixon -An Oliver Stone film (script)(*****)a

Haldeman Diaries-H R Haldeman(to be reviewed)

Nixon Agonistes -Gary Wills(***)a


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