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I will be adding photos and deeper biographical notes soon. This site is under construction.

Robert Abplanalp-Personal Friend of the President

Patrick Buchanan -President Nixon’s speechwriter

Alexander Butterfield-presidential aide; revealed taping system

Dwight Chapin -presidential aide

Anna Chenault-1968 go between for Nixon and South Vietnamese

Murray Chotiner - Nixon associate and aide since 1946

Kenneth Clawson - White House Director of Communications

Charles ‘Chuck’ Colson-Special Advisor (Dirty Tricks specialist) Once wanted to firebomb the Brookings Institute and have Cuban ‘firemen’ steal military documents concerning JFK and Vietnam

John Connally -Former Democratic Governor of Texas and later Nixon Supporter. Had Nixon seen out his 2 terms, he wanted Connally to replace him.

Archibald Cox -NOT an aide but worth mentioning as Special Prosecutor (Watergate) Sacked by Nixon.

CREEP-Committee to Re-Elect the President

Kenneth H Dahlberg-money gatherer

John D Erlichman -Domestic Counsel to RN and Chair of the Domestic Council

Daniel Ellsberg -not an aide. former Nat. Security official who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Dr Lewis Fielding was his psychiatrist whose office was broken into by the ‘plumbers’ to gain damaging evidence on Ellsbergs character.

Robert Finch- Sec. of Health, Education and Wealth, aide to RN

Billy Graham-Evangelical leader, friend of the President

L Patrick Gray-Acting Director of the FBI

General Alexander Haig-Chief of Staff to RN 73-74

H R ‘Bob’ Haldeman -Chief of Staff to RN 69-73

J Edgar Hoover-FBI Director

E Howard Hunt-Watergate burglar,receiver of hush money

Tom Charles Huston-author of inter-agencyplan for domestic intelligence

Herbert Kalmbach-RN’s personal attorney, bagman for CREEP

Henry Kissinger-Nat. Sec. Affairs assistant to RN

Herb Klein-first Director of Communications

Richard Kleindeist-Attorney General(resigned when asked to fire Cox)

Egil (Bud) Krogh-co-leader of the Plumbers

Mel Laird-Sec of Defence 73-74

G Gordon Liddy- planned Watergate burglary, hush money recipient

Clark McGregor-Chairman of CREEP following Mitchells resignation

James McCord-Watergate burglar;Chief of Security (CREEP)

Jeb S Magruder- Deputy to John Mitchell CREEP

John Mitchell-Attorney Gen. Chairman CREEP

Martha Mitchell-wife of John, blamed by RN for Mitchells failure to stop the Watergate break in

Raymond Price-Nixon speechwriter

Bebe Rebozo-RN’s friend and confidant

Elliot Richardson-Sec of Defence, Attorney Gen

William Rogers-Secretary of State

Donald Segretti-Dirty tricks man of minor notoriety

Hugh Sloan-Treasurer CREEP

Maurice Stans-Chairman of Finance.CREEP

Anthony Ulasewicz-former NY detective, bagman for cover up

Rose Mary Woods-presidential security

Ron Ziegler-Press Secretary to the President.(remained with RN in exile in San Clemente)




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