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Welcome in my modest apartament

My name is Paolo Arcudi and i'm living near Pordenone.

If you want to see some advertisement to fin a job or some news about telejob or even the last number of Corriere Lavoro ...
If you want to start whit HTML and be able to build your own home page for free.
Check out this place, sooner or later you will use it.
Do you want to leave a message to your friend on the cellular phone WRITING that his telephone is always turned off? That is free too!
Do you have problems whit your modem?
Are you looking for one real great search engine? You have to try to believe.
Do you want a italian site for cute software?
If this is not enough and you want a bigger one than try Jumbo JUMBO

Do yuo want to exchange few words in good company? Here ICOM i am TERMINATOR.
Would you like to send pictures or files to a distant friend or even just talking together? Than download the POWWOW POW you may catch me there by :

The game keep you young! Going in here GAME
ZONE download the program, you'll always find somebody to play whit you!
Do you prefer the treasure hunt? CHAT D'OR
You can't make it to DUKE ? Here are the magic words!

Quake ?

The best site for doom lovers and partners.
Do you like to play online DESCENT, DUKE, DOOM, etc.? Hundred of peoples are connected ... NOW! If you have a good connection try KALI, in case your connection doesn't work right than we can play via modem, but as long as you're the caller! ;o)
The backgammon is my favorite one, tavola my nick name is arpa, i'm alwais available for a beer. If you want another place where you can play by direct connection, than go to NORDNET

The mah-jongg , the REAL ONE, .... is not for everybody ;o)

A page dedicated to the Daniele where i use to make mincemeat by playing backgammon, mah jongg and, listen... listen, heterodoxis chess (avalanche) >;-D .

My friend Remo, home page and the italians at Geocities.
If you are curious all you have to do is check here... ?

More sites.

Adventure at TELECOM
TV satellite
Travel in Italy
One ecological place
The italian virtual mart

1996 Write me a e-mail, every letter will be greatly appreciated

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