• Quotes from Western media
  • Comprehensive accounts
  • Khojaly Massacre - 1992, by Bagatur Gaibov
  • Khojali, by T. Goltz
  • Nagorno-Karabagh: The world’s forgotten genocide? (The Washington Times International Special Report, 2001)
  • MEMORIAL on Khojaly genocide Report by the Russian Human Rights Organization, in Russian
  • Covert Action: This time Armenians are agressors
  • The Boston Globe: In Armenian unit, Russian is spoken
  • AI: Massacre and Flight From Khojali
  • The New York Times: Massacre by Armenians being reported
  • The Boston Globe: Armenians killed 1000, Azeris charge
  • TIME: Massacre in Khojaly

  • Recent Russian arms sale to Armenia
  • More illegal arms revelations
  • Washington Times on the illegal arms transfer

  • POW's (Rus)
  • POW's #2 (Rus)
  • List of children in Armenian captivity
  • Partial list of civilians massacred in Khojaly
  • The Economist: What we have we (mostly) hold
  • Washington Post: Azerbaijan -- Who'll stop Russians?
  • TURAN -- Khojaly Genocide: 3 years after
  • Khojaly news (Rus)
  • AzadInform news agency on Khojaly
  • DPA news brief
  • Azernews/Azerkhabar article
  • Khojaly Genocide documents to The Hague
  • PACE will consider the case of Azerbaijani Genocide
  • On passing documents to The Hague Court
  • ANSTV: United Azerbaijan Movement Statement
  • ASA Press Release
  • ASA Khojaly Press Release (2002)
  • Zerkalo: Liquidation of Khojaly was a scare action (by Nurani, Feb 2000)
  • Azerbaycan: President's Appeal
  • Embassy Newsletter
  • Partial list of articles on Qarabag
  • DP report #1
  • DP report #2
  • DP report #3


  • 822
  • 853
  • 874
  • 884


  • Decree of the President of Azerbaijan on the genocide against Azerbaijanis

  • PACE: Recognition of the genocide perpetrated against the Azeri population by the Armenians new

  • HRW correction letter (Human Rights Watch corrects ArmenInfo, the official Armenian News Agency)

  • Establishment of International Criminal Court viewed as success by Azeri Parliment

  • Statement by OSCE on Settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict

  • UN on Human Rights Violations Committed by Armenia

  • Azerbaijan Republic's appeal to the UN

  • UN GA: Report of Secretary-General #1
  • UN GA: Report of Secretary-General #2


  • Report of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

  • UN GA report by Special Rapporteur on the use of mercenaries Original report here

  • List of mercenaries who fought on the side of Armenia against Azerbaijan (E/CN.4/1999/11) (another report by UN Special Rapporteur Enrique Bernales Ballesteros)

  • Profiles in displacement: Azerbaijan Report of the Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr. Francis M. Deng, 25 January 1999


  • Virtual Azerbaijan Qarabag page
  • Website
  • Khojaly Genocide Official page by the Presidential Apparatus, in English and Russian
  • Azeri Genocide Khojaly, March 1918, and other massacres

  • UN plenary (Go under #466)

  • Azerbaijan/Armenia: Nagorno-Karabakh Election Wrong, Says U.S.
  • Russia says Nagorno-Karabakh Must Remain Part Of Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan Humanitarian Situation Report - August 1998
  • UN CESCR considers Azerbaijani report
  • WFP Appeal for the Caucasus 1 July 1997 - 30 June 1998

  • Terrorism

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