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Free festival season starts!!

On Friday and Saturday, there will be a free festival of music dance and general good vibes. Apparently the guys running this are serious party animals and a big crowd is expected.
It's on in the Glen of Downs, near Delgany, Co Wicklow. Take a bus to the Glenview Hotel, and walk up the hill from the car park. Bring a tent or similar if you're staying over.
There'll be an information stall and tea and coffe....see ya there!
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News from Third World news agenciesGenetic engineering - Monsanto backs offmusings...
Brendan McWilliams talks about Global warmingsome cool events in DublinSEX and pregancy

Issue 6
Water supply threatened by pollutionOrganophosphates - why are these dangerous chemicals being used routinely in our food?MORE drugs corruption - a heroin pipeline into Montana, operating with the Governor's blessing...
Area 51 is touted as an "ET highway", and was a model for the awful 'Independence Day'..find out what's really going on at this secret US base....More genetic engineering nonsense - and how to stop it.Multi millionaire George Soros lashes out at the capitalist system...
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Some sites I went to recently and thought were excellent:
  • Independent Albanian newspaper: Eyewitness reports on the popular uprising against the crooks who run the country
  • Greenpeace Deutschland News from the massive protest against nuclear waste
  • The Official Mad Cow Disease home page very detailed
  • SpeakOut! US based non profit group arranging speakers on an alternative to mass consumerism
  • Families Against Mandatory Minimums Campaigning against the US prison industry
  • Photos at Dublin Institue of Technology
  • Liked the coloured bars or the flashing buttons? They came from the inventive mind of this lady...
  • Zapatismo News page
  • Earthfirst
  • Feminist Web Site:
  • Human Rights in China:
  • Political Economy
  • Progressive Web Site:
  • Social Justice Ezine #24

    Issue 5
    Former big time gangster talks about his lifeThe Virgin Mary's Cement factoryDump planned near Glenstal Abbey
    Mexican crook holes up in DublinSensible Lancet report on heroin addiction treatmentAgainst the odds, one woman struggles for justice.
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    Issue 4
    Irish Life LockoutThe real story of Temple BarFighting toxic waste in Clare
    Report from Mexico's ZapatistasGreenpeace Ireland is threatened with closure....From CATALYST magazine: Genetic engineering in Ireland
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    Issue 3
    East Timorese rebels speak outIreland and the Arms trade - a report by top researcher John CullenThe Loch Corrib monster
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    Industrial cannabis research in IrelandCalifornians march against the CIALinks to honest news sources