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Constitution of the Men's Service Club
Delta Chi Delta



The name of this service club will be DELTA CHI DELTA and will be represented by the Greek letters DCD.



When a club is forming, the people involved learn a great deal about what they believe in and what other people are made of. A club begins by one person asking questions, formulating ideas, then discussing his thoughts with others. They realize a similarity in their hopes and dreams and decide it is best to work together in order to accomplish such goals. In working together, these people give way to new beliefs and strengthen each other's growth. Feeling a need for a special unity or bond with Christ as well as each other, we have decided to work together for the purpose of spiritually uplifting one another and bringing others to Christ through our actions as well as our teachings. Each of us desires to keep the mind of a servant, imitating Christ. We will strive to be a giving organization, remaining selfless and being aware of others' needs. Our activities will have a spiritual foundation, always traveling the avenue of prayer and keeping God first.



Section 1: The club colors will be red, black, and white.

Section 2: The club motto will be Psalms 133:1.

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!"

Section 3: The club scripture will be 1 Corinthians 16:13,14.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in faith; be men of courage, be strong. Do everything in Love."

Section 4: The club hymn will be "Lord We Come Before Thee Now."

Section 5: The club song will be "Delta Chi Delta, Brothers for Eternity."

Section 6: The queen song will be "The Queen Song."


Standards of Conduct

Section 1: Members are expected to abide by Harding University regulations as described in the Student Handbook.

Section 2: Anyone known to abuse alcohol, tobacco, or drugs; practice immoral conduct; or use profanity will not be inducted or allowed to retain membership.

Section 3: Members are expected to play an active role and to have cooperative spirit in any activity related to this club.

Section 4: Members who are dismissed from the university for disciplinary reasons will no longer be considered as a Class 5 member. When the member is found to be in good standing with the university, the same will hold true with the club.



Section 1: Qualifications

  • A. Any member or prospective member must be registered as a student at Harding University and be enrolled and complete at least six (6) semester hours.
  • B. All persons expressing interest in club membership will be individually considered and voted upon by the club.
  • C. Persons under consideration will be accepted by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.
  • D. A set number of bids will be determined by the officers in keeping with ICC requirements prior to voting.

Section 2: Membership Classification

  • A. Class 1 - A full member who has successfully completed the induction process and may participate in all club functions.
  • B. Class 2 - A member engaged in the club induction process.
    • 1. Ineligible for club sports.
    • 2. Ineligible for club activities except those dealing with the induction process.
  • C. Class 3 - An inactive member who has self-imposed his inactivity.
    • 1. Ineligible for club sports.
    • 2. Ineligible for club voting.
    • 3. May go to meetings.
    • 4. May go to club functions, however he must pay for full cost.
  • D. Class - 4 A partially suspended member.
    • 1. Ineligible for club sports.
    • 2. Ineligible for club voting.
    • 3. May attend meetings.
    • 4. May go to club functions, however he must pay for full cost.
    • 5. Must participate in club induction activities the following fall.
  • E. Class - 5 A fully suspended member.
    • 1. Ineligible for club sports.
    • 2. Ineligible for club voting.
    • 3. May not attend meetings.
    • 5. May not attend any club function.
    • 6. Must receive backing from the officers and orally reassure the club of his sincerity before being promoted to a higher class of membership.
  • F. Class - 6 An academically ineligible member.

Section 3: Induction

  • A. All induction members :
    • 1. must complete 80% of the Induction Book or an approved amount by the executive officers.
    • 2. must participate in all induction activities unless approved by the executive officers.
    • 3. must show an interest in the club that is displayed by their attitude during induction week.
  • B. Failure to complete induction week results in demotion of the Class 2 member to a Class 4 member at which he will remain until the following fall where he will be given another chance to successfully complete induction week.
  • C. Upon successful completion of induction week Class 2 members will be promoted to Class 1 members.

Section 4: Jumps

  • A. Anyone wishing to jump into the club must have been in another club for at least one year.
  • B. He must obtain three fourths vote of the active membership.
    • 1. All active members must vote on jumps.
    • 2. Members not present for voting do not count for or against jumps. The number of members absent from voting will be deducted from the total active membership giving the total of votes needed for jumps to make it.
    • 3. Members absent from voting may, before voting, vote by turning in a written ballot to one of the executive officers.
  • C. Jumps will be taken only one time each semester during the second meeting of each semester.
  • D. Anyone who is accepted into the club by jump will not have to go through the induction process, however, they will not be denied if they so choose to participate in induction activities.

Section 5: Dues

  • A. Dues will be determined by the size, financial status, and annual budget of the club as recommended by the officers.
  • B. Final decisions on dues will be discussed and determined by a voting majority as defined in Article 12, Section 2-E.
  • C. Dues should be collected by a certain date set by the treasurer prior to submission of the active list unless special arrangements are made with the treasurer. If no arrangements are made, the member will be considered inactive.
  • D. Five dollars from every members dues will be entered into a missions fund every semester. At the last meeting of every semester the club will vote, according to the voting guidelines described in Article XI, Section 2- E, to determine where the mission fund will be administered.
  • E. New members' first semester dues will be determined by the officers on a prorated basis pending on when new members become officially active.

Section 6: Attendance

  • A. Attendance at meetings is vital to the operation of this club. Members are expected to be there unless approved by an executive officer.
  • B. Each unexcused absence will cost the member $3.00 with no more then two unexcused absences allowed per semester. Absences should be approved before meetings. Absences to be approved after meetings will be done by the executive officers.
  • C. Two tardies will be considered as one unexcused absence. Anyone later than 15 minutes will be counted absent unless a valid excuse is given.
  • D. If a member exceeds the limit of unexcused absences, he will be demoted to a class 5 member.
  • E. If the member wishes to be promoted to class 1 again, he must obtain the officers' backing and orally reassure the club of his sincerity. A $5.00 fine will be assessed to him, however. Once the fee is paid, the member will not be promoted to class 1 until the next meeting.



Section 1: Election

  • A. All offices deemed necessary to run the club will be nominated during the third to last regular meeting of the Spring semester, except for the office of the treasurer.
  • B. Nominees will be voted and elected on the next to last regular club meeting.
  • C. The newly elected officers will preside over the last meeting of the semester.
  • D. The executive officer terms will be one year: two semesters.
  • E. All nominees must be Class 1 members the previous two semesters prior to taking office. Any Harding University campuses overseas are included as one of these semesters.

Section 2: Officer Duties

  • A. The President will:
    • 1. Be at least a junior.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.5 GPA.
    • 3. Preside over all regular and special club meetings.
    • 4. Be one of the club's ICC representatives.
    • 5. Represent the club to the administration.
    • 6. Serve as an executive officer.
  • B. The vice-president will:
    • 1. Be at least a junior.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.5 GPA.
    • 3. Perform the duties of the President in his absence or resignation.
    • 4. Be one of the club's ICC representatives.
    • 5. Set up mixers in the Fall of each year.
    • 6. Schedule Induction activities.
    • 7. Coordinate Spring Banquet.
    • 8. Serve as an executive officer.
  • C. The Treasurer will:
    • 1. Be at least a junior.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.3 GPA.
    • 3. Be nominated at the second to the last meeting in the fall semester, voted on at the last meeting of the fall semester, and apprentice the treasurer through the spring semester.
    • 4. Determine dues at the desecration of the president.
    • 5. Be responsible for all of the financial transactions.
    • 6. Submit a written and stated report at the first regular meeting of the month.
    • 7. Obtain approval of all expenditures from the president and one sponsor. The expenditure must have a receipt.
    • 8. Serve as an executive officer.
  • D. The Secretary will:
    • 1. Be at least a sophomore.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.3 GPA.
    • 3. Keep records of all meetings and post minutes in the club box.
    • 4. Take roll at all meetings and keep track of all unexcused absences.
    • 5. Keep all of the sponsors informed of meetings and activities.
    • 6. Coordinate with the treasurer to make the active list and submit the list by the due date.
    • 7. Assist the Vice-president when asked.
    • 8. Serve as an executive officer.
  • E. The Historians (2) will:
    • 1. Be at least a junior.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.3 GPA.
    • 3. Take pictures throughout the year and keep a picture album from year to year.
    • 4. Coordinate the slide show for the Spring Banquet.
  • F. The Athletic Directors (2) will:
    • 1. Be at least a sophomore.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.3 GPA.
    • 3. Have been active in sports at least one semester.
    • 4. Organize all club sports as follows:
      • a. pick teams
      • b. choose coaches
      • c. schedule practices
      • d. coordinate with the Intramural Director.
  • G. The Devotional Director will:
    • 1. Be at least a sophomore.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.3 GPA.
    • 3. Schedule a devotional before each meeting.
    • 4. Coordinate devotionals with other clubs.
    • 5. Appoint leaders to coordinate service projects. At least one per semester.
  • H. The Assistant Devotional Director will:
    • 1. Be at least a sophomore.
    • 2. Maintain at least a cumulative 2.3 GPA.
    • 3. Assist the Devotional Director as his apprentice.
    • 4. Become the Devotional Director after 1 year.

Section 3: Removal from any office

  • A. A written reason for the possible removal should be given to all sponsors and must get their approval.
  • B. The Sponsors along with those behind the possible removal procedures, must make the accused party aware of his standings.
  • C. A note concerning the matter must be put in the box one week before the next meeting.
  • D. At the next regularly scheduled meeting, a three-fourths vote of all active membership will remove the officer.
  • E. If he is removed, nominations will be accepted to fill the vacant office and then voted on at the next meeting in keeping with normal voting procedures.



Section 1: Queen nominees must be at least a sophomore at Harding at the time of their term.

Section 2: Queens will be nominated at the next to the last regular meeting of each semester and voted on at the last meeting of each semester.

Section 3: A majority vote of the members present at the meeting will elect the queens.

Section 4: Two queens will be elected for the fall semester and two queens will be elected for the spring semester.

Section 5: All queen terms will be two semesters.

Section 6: Queens will also be considered Honorary Queens after their term.



Section 1: Sponsors must be associated with Harding University.

Section 2: Sponsors must be resident of Searcy or the surrounding area.

Section 3: Sponsors must be elected by a voting majority as described in Article 12, Section 2-E.

Section 4: The club will have at least one and no more than three sponsors.



Section 1: The vice-president will appoint or remove committee chairmen or committee members with the approval of the majority of officers.

Section 2: Committee members may serve in only one committee unless another committee position needs to be filled. No chairman may participate in another committee unless approved by the vice-president.

Section 3: Committee task deadlines will be determined by voting majority. A committee meeting must be scheduled within one week of the committee establishment.



Section 1: Amendments are to be put forth in typed form and read by one of the officers to the club.

Section 2: Amendments will be suggested only at regularly scheduled meetings.

Section 3: A copy of the amendment must be placed in the box for one week prior to the final voting on the amendment.

Section 4: A three-fourths vote of active membership is required to ratify and will have to be approved by the Social Club Administration or the Student Services Dean before the amendment can go into effect.


Club Meetings

Section 1: Meetings will be held on the first and third Mondays of every month while the University is in fall and Spring sessions. The President has the authority to call additional meetings when he feels it necessary unless ordered by school policy.

Section 2: Club business is to be carried on by the following procedures:

  • A. A devotional will start all regular meetings.
  • B. The president will open the floor for discussion for a limited time as long as there is no repetition among the club members.
  • C. Club business will be conducted following Parliamentary procedures.
  • D. An official meeting must have at least a quorum, majority of the active members present.
  • E. A two-thirds vote of the quorum, a voting majority, will decide club business.

Section 3: Special meetings must be approved by at least one of the sponsors.

Section 4: There must be a note in the box regarding the special meeting 48 hours before the meeting.

Section 5: A note does not have to be in the box regarding regular meetings.

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