So you've got a crazy essay to write about The Crucible and you have no idea where to start? about here?

Before we begin with The Crucible, let us first pause a moment to remember Art. For if it was not for him, you wouldn't have to be doing this essay in the first place.

Remember that this is just the beginning of this page. If you find anything else that is about the play, that's not here e-mail moi. BUT for heavens sake please do not send your essay or homework questions for me to answer. Don't waste email space! I won't answer your email!

Many teachers know about this site and the information that is contained in the links that run from my page. By a request I have started to post their names and high schools with my site. If you are a teacher you can add your name just by emailing me, if you are a student you can check out the page. has character information, sample essay outlines, historical background and sample quizes. Stop here!

You Don't need Cliff Notes, you need

This page is a teacher's guide to The Crucible. If you have to come up with an idea for a project, this is the place to go.

A novel guide to The Crucible. This site includes character information, metaphor anaylsis and theme analysis.

A web page devoted to the issue if the play The Crucible is anything like what really short..the play's not all that correct.

Real Audio clips of the man himself....Joseph McCarthy. Find out about the person Miller based the character of Danforth on.

Interested in the Arthur Miller Society? Check out their official web page, including links and appearance dates.

What I like to call "the mother load".....yes, one of the best web sites (actually for teachers) out there. Anything and everything from

A film review of The Crucible just in case you were wondering what the critics thought, and not just only your English teacher.

Another Miller page...but this one has a nicer picture and more links.

Detailed information about the Red Scare and McCarthyism....names of who was blacklisted, actual spies and just about any other thing you could imagine!

Audio files, of some of the key points in the play from Harper Audio

A page with downloadable ( Is that a real word..??) documents on stuff like witchcraft, the Committee for Un-American Activities and the Puritans.

Online study guide to the play. Sparknotes, including a message board and character information.

Need something on the Salem Witch Trials? You can see the real warrant for Elizabeth Proctor's arrest and the text for the death warrent of Sarah Good. Freaky...'s review of the film. This page as a list of all the actors and even stills (and lots of them!) from the film.

This is an on-line site about how to teach The Crucible! They have study questions, historical background, and stuff on witchcraft. Get the jump on everyone else, or at least the info for your essay!

The Crucible as a tragedy. Why not check out this essay.

Putting on a production of the play? Check out a suggested list of what everyone should be wearing.

Teach with Movies homepage on The Crucible. This page compares and contrasts the two movies versions, and gives a bit of background for the play including McCarthyism.

A regular Crucible web page with all the goods.

An essay by John G. McClendon entitled Puritan Jurisprudence: Progress and Inconsistency. Who are Puritans and what are their beliefs?

A web site on the SalemWeb, about the trials, and's worth a look, and even has the original documents on-line.

Salem @ National interactive way to learn about what happened. There's even a way for you to experience the trials you survive? A must! (That is..if you have time before your essay is due.)

The Salem Witch Museum....On-line!

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