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Here you will find all-time rankings and yearly standings of every
major international tournament.
From the Canada Cup/World Cup, to Women's World Championships and
everything in between.

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Includes individual league standings, Cup winners from the NHL,
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List of current International Champions :  (listed in consecutive winning years)

Men World Championships:              Sweden     2006

Men World Junior Championships:       Canada     2007, 2006, 2005
Men World Cup:                        Canada     2004
Men Olympics:                         Sweden     2006

Women Olympics:                       Canada     2006, 2002
Women World Championships:            USA        2005

                   Canada Cup / World Cup standings


              Wayne Gretzky holds Canada Cup - 1991


      World Hockey Championships

The World Hockey Championships are held every year around May. The championships
are currently comprised of 4 pools. Pool A being the top tournament, which now
consists of the top 16 hockey playing nations. This may change, as in the last
few years the tournament has added teams.
The other Pools, B, C and D, hold the rest of the nations as their rankings

The IIHF uses a promotion based system, as a winner from one Pool will advance
to the higher Pool the following year. Same system applied for relegation,
as last place teams drop down a Pool.
Some occasions call for qualifying tournaments, where a team doesn't automaticcaly
get relegated or promoted.

Below are all the World Championship standings, with all-time rankings of each Pool.
Pool A now simply called "World Championships" from 2001+

 Pool A yearly standings 1930-1969

 Pool A yearly standings 1970-2000

 Pool A yearly standings 2001+

 Pool A All-time standings

Pool B now called "Division I" from 2001+

 Pool B yearly standings 1951-2000

  Division I yearly standings 2001-current         

Pool B All-Time standings

Pool C now called "Division II" from 2001+

  Pool C yearly standings

  Pool C All-Time standings


 Pool D yearly standings 1987-present

 Pool D All-time standings


    World Junior Championships (under 20)

The same promotion/relagation system used as in the World Championships.
The WJC's are consisted of players under the age of 20.

Below are the yearly standings of all the Pools;

 WJC Pool A yearly standings 1974-1999

 WJC Pool A yearly standings 2000-present    Updated Jan.15/07 upd

  WJC Pool A All-time standings         Updated Jan.15/07 upd


 WJC Division 1 yearly standings  (Pool B)      Updated Jan 15/07  upd

 WJC Division 2 yearly standings   (Pool C)    Updated Jan.15/07

 WJC Division 3 yearly standings   (Pool D)    Updated Jan.15/07



 Olympic Hockey standings

 All-time Olympic standings

 Women's Olympic hockey standings
 All-time Women's Olympic standings              

                Feb.17, 1968 Olympics   USSR vs Canada final round game