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Ko's Tasha, BH,CD,TT,FD,FDX,FDCh. June 16, 1994 - August 18, 2005                SG Argon vom Haus Johann Dale (Killian)May 23, 1998 - Nov. 14, 2008,AAC Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence V-ATChC ; C-ATCH4;CS-ATCHBronze,Silver and Gold Awards of Merit (AAC) SchH3, IPO3, V-MSCDC, NA,NJP (AKC), ChSt, ChJP, ChCl, ChWc,ChJp,ChSn(CPE); Novice Versatility Award, OAC, O-NAC, OJC, O-NJC, O-NCC, S-TN-N, O-TG-N, WVS-N, HP-N (NADAC, RNMCL, RAMCL(CARO), TT, OFA Hips EXCELLENT GS-59092E24M-T,elbows normal GS-EL111329-

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Tasha went to the Rainbow Bridge as we held her in our arms in the garden on a sunny August day in 2005. She had turned 11 in June. Tasha was a black and tan German Shepherd Dog . She used to do many dog sports like flyball, agility and Schutzhund. She retired from these because she had arthritis. Tasha has some titles that she earned by competing in these sports as well as 2/3 of some agility titles such as AKC Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard: BH - Schutzhund Obedience title, CD - CKC Companion Dog, FD - Flyball Dog,FDX - Flyball Dog Excellent, FDCh - Flyball Dog Champion, and TT - Temperament Test Certified. Tasha also acted in the movies Dogmatic and Disney's Murder She Purred. Both are available on video.

Killian went to the Rainbow Bridge sadly on Nov. 14, 2008. Killian was my soul mate and is very much missed every day. Killian was a DDR/Czech sable German Shepherd Dog. Killian passed his Bh in October, 2000 and earned his SchH1 (VPG1) in October 2002 with an SG rating of 275. He also earned a Sieger Show rating of SG-Sehr Gut in June,1999 and was Temperament Test Certified TT in September,1999.  Killian earned his Obedience 1 and Tracking 1 DVG titles in October, 2001.
In June,2003, Killian passed his Schh2 with an SG rating of 282 with V ratings in tracking and obedience. Then in October, 2003 he earned his SchH3 title with an SG rating of 273 with a 98 V score in protection. In February, 2004, Killian earned his IPO3 title with 261 and another V rated tracking score of 98 points. Killian retired from schutzhund and started a new career in agility competition. In his year of competition, at age 7 he earned his AKC Novice title NA, his AAC Starter Standard and Games titles VADC and VSGDC, his CPE titles CL2-R, CL1-H and CL1-F and his NADAC Novice Regular,Jumpers,Gamblers,Touch 'N Go and Tunnelers titles NAC-V,NJC-V,NGC-V,TG-N,TN-N as well as his Outstanding Novice Regular, Jumpers, Gamblers and Tunnelers O-NAC-V, O-NJC-V, O-NGC-V, O-TN-N. He also has his RNMCL and RAMCLRally Novice Magna cum Laud and Rally Advanced Magna Cum Laud titles from the Canadian Rally Association.
Killian was the Top AAC Veteran German Shepherd in Canada in 2005 and the only German Shepherd to earn the Advanced Rally Obedience title in Canadian Rally in 2005.
Killian started out 2006 by earning his AAC Veteran Advanced Games Dog of Canada (V-AGDC), his Veteran Advanced Agility Dog of Canada V-AADC, his Veteran Masters Snooker Dog of Canada (V-MSDC) his Veteran Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada V-MJDC,his Veteran Master Steeplechase Dog of Canada V-MSCDC, his Veteran Master Agility Dog of Canada V-MADC, and his Veteran Masters Gambler Dog of Canada V-MGDC titles.
He finished 2006 by earning his Master Team Relay Dog of Canada V-MTRDC, his Veteran Agility Trial Champion of Canada V-ATChC and his Bronze Award of Merit. He was the top GSD in AAC agility and #6 overall Veteran agility dog in Canada with 93 qualifying runs.
He then went on to earn his Silver Award of Merit on April 1, 2007 and his Gold Award of Merit on Dec. 15, 2007. He also earned his CPE C-ATCH title on April 7, 2007, his C-ATCH2 on August 4, 2007 and his C-ATCH3 on Dec. 28, 2007
Killian was the top GSD in Canadian Agility again in 2007 and 2008 and 5th overall Veteran agility dog with 96 Qualifying Master level runs in 2007 and 7th overall with 101 Qualifying runs in 2008.
Killian earned his AAC Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence on October 4, 2008. Sadly that was Killian's last run.
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Kahlua (Majik vom Eichenluft) joined our home in May 2007. She is a sable female out of Hawk vom Eichenluft and Jill vom Pohlsberg. Kahlua has just started her career in agility and at age 2+ has just earned her CPE CL1-R, CL1-F, CL1-S and CL2-F titles as well as her CGC. Kahlua is a wild child and is super fast. Watch for her page.

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