Daisy Mae

February 1, 2003

We visited Daisy today! She really turned out to be a nice looking dog. She is way more exuberant than I expected, but her problems mostly lie with being allowed to have bad manners. She jumps way too much and is overly hyper with her greetings. I do believe much of this is due to lack of training.

She seems to enjoy her life. She is doing well at killing mice. Her owner said that she just toyed with them at first but after one bit her she got quite serious! She trees cats in the barn rafters, which, again seems to be acceptable to her owner. She doesn't feel the need to herd, but he never asks her to. His cows are mostly in the barn all the time and he has little need for herding.

She LOVES children, but her bad manners are overwhelming to them at first. After a time she settles down and likes to play with them. She also likes to play ball for short periods of time.

Wednesday July 3, 2003

We visited Daisy again today and found her much more laid back and mature. Her owner is very pleased with her and says she is good with the grandchildren and her herding instinct is awakening. She likes to grab tails!

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