Born August 18, 2003
lives in Slater, Missouri
will likely be available for breeding

4 months old

We are getting along very well with Rocky. Everybody loves him, he minds me perfectly and the rest of our family pretty well.

He's high energy, which we like , and has lots of "personality"! He is getting used to our farm and our cattle and they are getting used to him. He has grown tremendously since we got him, must be the Puppy Chow!

He has been some help to me with them. He minds well, especially about stopping when I tell him . He is getting big fast,last week I weighed him and he weighed 44 pounds. Ron

8 Months Old
I emailed Ron and asked him about Rocky. He responded with a phone call and said that he is a nice dog, just like the one he used to have when he was a kid. <>BR
10 Months Old
If someone wants to use Rocky for breeding let us know. He is doing fine, very aggressive with cattle, but learning. We don't do enough for him to get a lot of practice. He weighs about 65 lbs. Just the right size.

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Littermate Chip

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