June 2003--7 months old.

Emily is doing great! She is healthy but very trim as you can see by the photos. Of course she is very active. We walk every morning for an hour along the river bank. There is an open field at the end where we chase (and retrieve) balls. Today we had an adventure because we came upon a flock of Canadian geese. I know I am not supposed to let her chase them, but I didn't see them and she was off leash. Anyway, they had about 4 babies and of course Emily...who is very, very fast...caught up to one of them instantly. I was so worried she would kill it. But she didn't!!! She just cornered it and lay down and made it stay in place. I was so proud of her and so delighted to see her herding instinct come out. It was so much fun. I called her several times and she finally came to me. So she got lots of treats for that one!

Anyway I love her dearly and so does my husband. Our daughters were all in town for Memorial Day and we took many walks with Emily and Spice, Jenny's English Shepherd that you met in December.

We have found a fenced in dog park (its a city thing) where Emily gets to romp and play with other dogs. She absolutely loves it. She has a passion for running. And for herding the other dogs in the park.

She is very healthy. I would love to work with her on agility or herding in the Fall...once her bones are stronger. One of my obedience teachers has border collies and I am hoping she will help me with this. It seems like it would be a lot of fun.

Emily is extremely active. But she is very well behaved with me at work. This is her down time and she seems to be very content with it. She is also extremely smart and learns well. However, I think she is an "alpha" female and tries occasionally to get her way. I have the most success with her if our obedience sessions are fun oriented. She comes most of the time when called...except for the wild goose chase. Her sit/stay is getting better. She loves to retrieve balls...for treats of course. And, she is fairly adept at retrieving golf balls for my husband and I when we are practicing in the back yard!
I think she has adapted well to city life. I haven't had her spayed because I keep flirting with thoughts of breeding her. Any advise here would be very welcome.

I think her only two faults are that she piddles when company arraives and she is rather aggressive about chasing joggers when we are on our walks. She is on leash at these times so I can control her. But, I don't like the way she behaves on these encounters.

Hope I have answered most of your questions and that you enjoy the photos.

Jacqui Carney

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