The science of Radiesthesia was well known in Ancient Egypt, especially to the Pharaoh, his men and the priests in the temples. It was a sacred and secrete science. After the Pharaonic era, it was disappeared for a long periods of time. But it was reserved with a very few people in Egypt, like physicians and architects. After the Ottoman period, there were no proving that Radiesthesia was practiced like before. It was not until the twentieth century when a man called Yakob Al – Khozami from Luxor practiced the Pharaonic Radiesthesia by himself to cure many of the Egyptians all over the country. He was not a physician but he was talented in curing people, and a great scientist in Radiesthesia and other Pharaonic sciences. Dr. Khalil Messiha was one of his friends. He knew from him some of his Pharaonic knowledge. In the year 1960 Dr. Khalil met one of his friends Dr. Louise Labib who was practicing dowsing by the simple ball pendulum. It was only the beginning, and then Dr. Khalil began to search by himself. He Bought Enil`s books and read it, and made the experiments to investigate this fascinating science, as he said. In the year 1960, he founded with Anba Grigorious the parapsychology group at the Coptic Institute of Higher Studies, The studies continued for more than ten years and the group became the first to practice radiesthesia in many branches of science. The lectures of Dr. Khalil became the first issues in Arabic language about Radiesthesia. The term in Arabic “Al – Moga Alzatia” which means the “self vibration” was the Arabic translation that was adopted by Dr. Khalil for Radiesthesia. In the year 1986, Dr. Khalil Messiha and Dr. Yehia Koshik founded Imhotep scientific society. It was the first in the east in the research of the complementary medicine, Biotronics, Homeopathy, Radiesthesia and many other branches of science. The first Biotronic furniture was manufactured through the society under the supervision of Dr. Khalil. The society members practiced and studied Radiesthesia by traditional and new instruments. We have in the society pyramid models, Pharaonic pendulums, dowsing rods, Biotronic medicines, and biotronic furniture. The first book in Arabic about Radiesthesia was edited and published by Dr. Khalil in the year 1985.

Arch. Dawoud Khalil Messiha
April 1999

Radiesthesia and Modern Science

Radiesthesia has been regarded for centuries as a divinatory art needing certain psychic abilities, and by others as a secret science of the ancient temples, later by monasteries, practiced by closed societies. Both views are correct, Radiesthesia has survived the ages as a secret science of the Jesuit priests, and it was the missinaries main tool in the search for unknown herbal remedies, besides being as important tool for discovery of underground water sources. The french Jesuit priest Abbe Mermet was famous for the discovery of underground water sources in France and Switzerland. Most of the water sources around Paris and Vienna have been discovered in the 18th century by famous practitioners of Radiesthesia. Radiesthesia is the Latine name meaning sensitivity to Radiation. Search for underground water, mineral detection and lost objects are well known to practitioners of Radiesthesia and Dowsing. They usually use dowsing rods and pendulums for their search work. Radiesthesia could give help also to modern science in many fields; but what are these fields and what are the possibilities for every one to practice such science. Radiesthesia and Medicine: Dr. Khalil Messiha (1924-1998) the Egyptian physician and dowser practiced dowsing and radiesthesia in medicine for ore than 35 years. He used to investigate his patients by the traditional way as a physician. Then he diagnose the disease and give the suitable remedy to his patient. In some cases the illness could be cured by more than one remedy; while one of them is the most effective one. The physician cannot define the most effective remedy unless the patient try it for a few days maybe more. (usually happens in allergy cases, arthritis and many other cases). Ilness like some kinds of severe diaria need laboratory analysis to find the suitable remedy while patient wait for laboratory results he have to use chemical remedies to stop diaria not to cure it. Radiesthesia give help to physician in such cases by choosing the most effective remedy for each patient. Dr. Khalil Messiha used to dowse remedies for his patients not only to find the much effective remedy for patient among several suitable remedies, but also to avoid side effects before happened. Sometimes, patient have severe pain or have unknown disease and come to his physician (general practitioner) to define his illness and find if he need to go to a specialist or not. In some cases several kinds of medical analysis have to be done to find out the problem and define the needed specialist to follow the case. These analysis could take a few days, sometimes more and in a few cases doctors fail to detect the real cause of illness. Patient may have medicine to cure the effect of illness not its cause. Medical Radiesthesia when practiced by doctors and physicians; they could define in a short time the beginning point for medical analysis, which save time and suffering of patient. It gives help to doctors to investigate abdominal of patients in a short time and in a very safe way. The real cause of illness could be detected even if it was in the energy body, chakras and vital systems of human body. Such investigation could be necessary for people who live very far away from hospitals and laboratories, such as sailors and passengers in ships, or expeditions in deserts and forests; even slums and poor countries. In ancient Egypt, physicians who were also priests in temples used to practice medical radiesthesia to diagnose and cure their patients. Several references for ancient Egyptian radiesthesia could be found in ancient temples,papyrus rolls and Pharaonic medicine documents. Dr. Messiha was also Egyptologsit, he retained ancient Egyptian Medical radiesthesia and have very good results in his work. He could analyze even the confusing cases which spent years without fine diagnosis, also found suitable curing system for chronic cases that have poor results for curing. His way in diagnosis succeeded to cure Chronic fatigue Syndrome which many people all over the world suffered from it without knowing exact cause or cure for their illness. Medical radiesthesia give help also in recognizing possibilities of any future illness. This could be done by many ways; by study an analysis for energy field systems of man and detect any disturbance in them. Another way is to analyze genome of man and have the map of his health in future. The last way modern science is trying to develop it with the help of very complicated and special laboratories and instruments. Medical Radiesthesia give results with accuracy up to 75% if practiced by a doctor or physician without the need to most of the complicated instruments, more simple laboratories will be enough. These are only examples of the very wide scope of work in medicine. It is worth mentioning that dowsing and analysis to diseases have to be done by experienced dowser. Beginner dowser may be harmed or experience symptoms of diseases if he ignored precautions of work.
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