Converted Revell Light Horse

Revell Light Horse (O)

Converted Revell Light Horse

Here we have one of my three converted LH(O) elements that I was using for my EIR (would you believe) Moors (??!)...this was actually before I knew what a Moor looked like! Still, they look Roman (poss Byzantine??), and they are all I had at the time. I've since decided to replace them with HaT's excelent Numidians.

If you notice the figure nearest the camera - that's the figure I'm primarily using for my Sarmation Knights. The scales came up nicely - Citedels Snakebite Leather atop a Burnt Siena artist acrylics base coat. Likewise the fellow beside him. Now I just have to figure out what colour blue-green Sarmation "horn"/horse hoove armour actually is...


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