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The Gods - Genesis


Genesis cover

Overview - A decent debut but not as powerful as what Spice was putting out. Very 60ish sound but not very unique. The most interesting thing about this album is the funny computer voices that form segues between the songs. Grade: B-

1. Towards The Skies - Good opening rocker, very much in the Heep vein, with excellent harmonies and heavy organ. Comparisons with Spice can be made immediately and the seeds for Heep are sown! Grade: B+

2. Candles Getting Shorter - A mid-tempo song with an unexciting arrangement. Good vocals and drumming thoughout save this song. Grade: C

3. You're My Life - More exciting than the previous piece, with some brass filling the spaces. Konas turns in a nice long solo. Grade: B

4. Looking Glass - The best track The Gods ever did. Too bad Heep never redid this. Great Vanilla Fudge arrangement with a lovely haunting chorus. Interestingly, the chorus lyrics are nothing but "la-la-la-la-la." Grade: A

5. Misleading Colours - An excellent rocker. This is what Heep probably would've sounded like in 1968, including the psychedelic lyrics. Grade: B+

6. Radio Show - Typical late 60's pop song. Not very interesting. Grade: C

7. Plastic Horizon - A progressive piece that makes several unexpected twists in its direction. Much more representative of Ken's later writing with its minor-major modulations. Grade: B+

8. Farthing Man - A good mid-tempo piece with an interesting vocal arrangement. Grade: B

9. I Never Know - Again in the Heep vein, this is a precursor to July Morning or Circle Of Hands, although not fully realized. Grade: A-

10. Time And Eternity - A good rocker with with several Bird Of Prey-type vocal harmony breaks. Grade: B+

Baby's Rich - (Bonus track - 'A' side not on album) Another rocker but not a standout. It's not surprising this flopped. Grade: B-

Somewhere In The Street - (Bonus track - 'B' side of Baby's Rich) This should've been the 'A' side. An excellent Hensley tune, this would've fit well on his solo albums. Grade: A-

Hey Bulldog - (Bonus track - 'A' side not on album) A decent arrangement of the then-recent Beatles tune, although not much different. Grade: B-

Real Love Guaranteed - (Bonus track - 'B' side of Hey Bulldog) A hot l'il rocker that would've been great with the full Heep treatment. Grade: B+

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