The Lansdowne Tapes cover Lineup: *On ''What About The Music'' - Alf (B)
Nigel Pegram (D)

Overview - This is not an actual album but a collection of songs from various Heep CDs (see below). Still, put together, it makes for an impressive performance and more than a hint of things to come. Grade: A-

What About the Music - A failed attempt at a hit single. Very typical formula pop song of the era (1968). If it wasn't for David's vocals, I probably would never listen to this song. Grade: C+

In Love - 'B' side of What About the Music. This is much more typical of Spice. Mick's guitar is much more prominent here. The early Heep sound has arrived. Grade: B+

Born in a Trunk - What a track! This song absolutely blazes with intensity! What a shame this song was never officially released by Heep. It should've led off the first album. Grade: A+
note - There are 3 vocal versions of Born In A Trunk
. The differences are primarily in the production & mixing. The Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble version is less intense but has the best production. There is a demo version on Time for Revelation but, for my money, I'd go with The Lansdowne Tapes version.

Magic Lantern - Lyrically, a precursor to the Demons & Wizards and The Magician's Birthday albums. A wonderfully dark, acoustical opening giving way to a long jazzy guitar break with some great fret work by Paul. An excellent piano solo as well by Colin. Grade: A

Astranaza - Another long jazz-tinged piece, with some very abstract lyrics. For 1969, this was as progressive as anything Yes or King Crimson was putting out. Grade: A-

I Want You Babe (Behind the Green Shed Blues) - Wonderfully loose piece in the same vein as Astranaza. Alan gets to let loose thru much of the song. There are, however, a few repititive sections calling out for Mick to solo where he instead only plays rhythm. Grade: A-

Celebrate - The old Three Dog Night song, although much rougher and looser. David's voice is superb here but gets buried by the drums, especially at the end. Grade: B

Schoolgirl - Weakest of the Spice tracks on The Lansdowne Tapes both musically and lyrically, it does feature Mick's hottest guitar solo on any of the Spice songs. Grade: C+

Born in a Trunk - The instrumental version. This starts out softly before jumping into the riff. Without David, it loses some intensity but the band plays with such fire that it's still a great piece. Grade: A-

note - What About the Music and In Love are available on Time of Revelation. All other tracks are on The Lansdowne Tapes.

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