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Federico Guardiola (Antofagasta, Chile) writes "Well first of all I think that all the Heep's albums are great, the group had made an evolution of his music according to the time we are living. My favorite is Magician's Birthday.

Thank you Uriah Heep ..."

Geo Giourousis (Serres,Greece) writes "When I first heard this album I discovered something that would accompany me for my whole life. Those incredible melodies and that HEAVY atmosphere was something I'll never forget. "But from now till who knows when, my sword will be my friend. And I'll love ya for all of my life."

Ivan Matrosov (Simferopol, Crimea) writes "One of the best love lyrics in the world in the Sunrise. Music in the Pilgrim song is simply superb."

Roger G÷▀mann (Schweinfurt, Germany) writes "THE MAGICIAN'S BIRTHDAY is a superb album an has a great opener in Sunrise. Sunrise has that vintage guitar and keyboard sound that only HEEP could do. Byron sings at his very best, especially in Rain! The mix of acoustic guitar with the rest of the instruments is brillant on Blind Eye. Great songwriting and great performance of everybody in the band. The drum breaks are very impressive."

Brad Duren (Oklahoma, USA) writes "I think this is a superior album to its predecessor, maybe because it is one of the first Heep albums I ever bought. The title track is one of the best songs the band has done, and there is no loss of momentum between any of the songs. Tales is just beautiful, too. My question is... did the band every play the title track live in its entirety? I would love to hear it if they did!"

Brian Kay (McGaheysville, Virginia, USA) writes, "Several monikers have plagued Heep over the past quarter century pseudo-progressive wannabes, poor man's Deep Purple, and simply a horrible band by almost every so-called music critic out there. Screw the critics! Uriah Heep have been kicking ass and taking names with the best of 'em... and for longer than most of 'em. And while Led Zep, Black Sabbath, and yes, even Deep Purple and other classic hard rockin' behemoths came and went (and keep coming back again), Heep continues to push forward with no signs of letting up. Good news for us classic rock babies who tend to live in the past! Although Heep have never quite recaptured the glory of the Hensley years, you can seek musical refuge within the grooves of Fallen Angel, Abominog, and Head First. As far as the old days are concerned, a CD collection without Demons And Wizards and The Magician's Birthday is like a collection missing Zeppelin IV or Aqualung. And how can a true lover of music not appreciate the majesty and power of the title track to Salisbury? Rock On, Heep!"

Todd Pence (Fairfield, Virginia, USA) writes, "Continues in the same vein as D&W but is not quite as satisfying. The title track, Sunrise and Sweet Lorraine get all the accolades but it is the lesser-known songs like Blind Eye, Echoes and Tales that carry this one."

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