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To Samuel A Son


  1. To Samuel A Son
  2. Eight O'Clock In The Morning
  3. He's Growing
  4. Sticking Wings On Flies
  5. Lady Lady
  6. Penny Dear
  7. Long Time, Sad Time, Bad Time
  8. Five To Three
  9. Autumn
  10. Yes I Cry
  11. Groozy
  12. Momma I Need
  13. Candlelight
  14. Lovely Anita
  15. Maria

  1. To Samuel A Son (Hensley)
    On a clear day in May
    When the sun was out to play
    And the children all made hay
    Samuel J was heard to say
    "I've got a son"
    All the neighbourhood could hear
    Everybody far and near
    And they all let out a cheer
    Sammy's son was gonna
    Grow into a man
    Years and years gone the J's
    Had longed for a son
    Someone they could show
    The world as their own

  2. Eight O'Clock In The Morning (Kerslake)
    8 o'clock in the morning
    Everybody's yawning
    School bell is ringing
    Little voices singing
    All is nice and beautiful
    Growing up believing
    Till it's time for leaving
    All he's been concerning
    His ambitions burning
    ABC and XYZ, 2 by 2 and 3 by 3
    He is learning
    Learn to choose, to win and loose
    Grown up life can be so new
    He's learning

  3. He's Growing (Konas/Glasscock)
    When we wakes in the morning
    And opens up his eyes
    Sun is rising in the sky
    Another day will soon pass by
    And he won't know the reason
    Why he's growing
    This same boy, now he's older
    Laughs at his young days
    Because he's changed
    In many ways
    Passed the stage of
    Playground toys
    And all the games of little boys
    Puts away his jigsaw puzzles
    And all his favourite colouring books
    Oh ... he's growing 
    Oh ... he's growing
    Isn't that a shame
    His childhood dreams
    Are almost gone
    But he won't complain
    It will all come true as time goes on
    Thirteen years have passed by
    Sammy dreams of love
    And his mind's in imagination
    Fills his head with promises of
    Endless days of grown up ways
    Just a little complication
    This celebration has to end
    Oh ... he's growing

  4. Sticking Wings On Flies (Konas/Hensley)
    Sammy's gone to find the job
    Sticking wings on flies
    Building clouds or thunderstorms
    Growing apple pie
    This could be the end
    Of beautiful baby dreams
    Getting old before his time
    Or that's the way it seems
    He is faced with failures
    Ocean devils' evil schemes
    Sammy had the chance
    To make it in one year
    Everyone hustled
    Trying to find him a nice career
    But he's so tired of
    Hang-ups searchin' ???
    He's leaving here

  5. Lady Lady (Hensley)
    He closed his eyes
    And pretended to sleep
    And he dreamed a dream
    Of a lady to love
    Day after day
    To walk down the isle
    And say: "I'll be your lover"
    And there'll be no other for me
    Or for you, or for us
    Sammy, Sammy don't hesitate
    She knows your love
    Her love won't wait
    You've got to stop thinkin'
    Of your future life
    So make a lady
    From Dover your wife
    A golden band and
    A few chosen words
    From a christian man who was
    In charge of the church at the time
    For a lady from Dover
    It was very soon over
    Her name was Jane
    And it had changed
    At the top of her hat, fancy that
    At the top of her hand
    Lady, lady, hold my hand ...

  6. Penny Dear (Konas)
    Penny dear, wish you could be here
    Sammy's far away
    He'll be back one day
    He thinks of you
    Hope you're thinking of him
    He's feeling bad, you're feeling sad
    Penny dear, it's plain and clear
    You're both far apart
    Your thoughts are in his heart
    You write each day
    And he reads what you say
    Though you're sad, it's not so bad
    You know he loves you and it's true
    You know he needs you, only you
    You know he loves you and it's true
    You know he needs you, only you
    Penny dear, the time is near
    He is on his way, only one more day
    You've been alone
    And now he's coming home
    No falling tears when he appears

  7. Long Time, Sad Time, Bad Time (Hensley)
    Listen babe, he's coming home
    Where he belongs
    So stop your weeping
    Enough of hard time
    He'll be by your side ??
    In the bed he always
    Used to sleep in
    So stop your wondering, guessing
    Sammy J is coming home
    It's been a long time, sad time
    Bad time living on your own
    For your sadness
    Will turn to gladness
    By the time you come
    One hundred and ten, girl
    Watch your babe go to dinner ??
    Listen for the ??
    All the years you've been crying
    All the time you've not dying ??
    All you really needed was to be
    Beside the one you love

  8. Five To Three (Hensley/Konas)
    Sammy and his wife
    Living city life
    From eight till six every day
    Fourtynine years and all
    They've spent in the big time ???
    With never a morning away ???
    All at once the day approaches
    Sammy knows it's time to leave
    One thing playing on his mind is
    Do they know how he will grief
    But Sammy needn't sigh ???
    Stays and not past by ???
    Without being noticed at all
    At nearly five to three
    The manager wants to see Sammy
    In his office by the hall
    "Please accept this gift we offer
    Thank you for your loyal years"
    Then it's over, the story's silent
    Sammy cries devoted tears
    What will Sammy do
    His working life is through
    But the firm must have
    Cared after all
    A part of him has died
    But he still has the pride 
    To fight to three
    In the office by the hall
    Have you read the morning paper
    Did you see my picture there
    Have you seen
    The watch I'm wearing
    Given to me on that day

  9. Autumn (Hensley/Konas)
    Oh, how the days fly by
    Never stopping for a minute
    While he cries, no, no, no
    But the tears fill in his eyes
    And no signs of goodbyes
    To the world that is
    Treating him badly
    Now his autumn leaves
    To cloud his mind with fears ???
    He knows his time has come
    Life is almost gone
    As life leaves
    The strongest fighter dead ???
    And the figures of
    Past years are approaching ???
    Shared those sorrow on this day
    As he passes away
    Samuel J is the name
    They'll remember
    ??? yet life begins
    He looses but he wins
    Sammy will live on
    In the shadow of his own son

  10. Yes I Cry (Konas)
    If she brings me down what can I do
    There'd be nothing left if I lost you
    If she makes me sad
    And goes away
    (She makes me sad)
    There'd be nothing left for me to say
    And so I cry, cry, cry, yes I cry
    Though I try, try, try not to cry
    I cry
    Cry, that's me and
    It can hurt you too
    (Cry hurts me too)
    So you know it's only up to you
    In my heart I know it hurt to stay
    (Inside my heart)
    Come, stood still, moved ???
    Then she went away

  11. Groozy (Sugarman/Robertson)
    Standing outside in the rain
    Loaned all my money again
    Shining in the gutter
    The neon lights can hurt her again
    Sam said outside will be o.k.
    Whispered, man, we've got it made
    I just got the invite
    And we won't spend
    Our whole night ???
    Something is wrong
    I don't feel like I should
    I know you've tried
    And if I understood
    I'd stay the whole thing
    And I'd come if I could
    But something is wrong
    You better forget it
    Forget it, forget it!
    And I know something is wrong
    (Something is wrong)
    Don't let me you go along
    (We're going on)
    Said I know something is wrong
    (Something is wrong)
    I've lost the truth of my song
    So believe me when
    I whisper its' so groozy
    All you hippy happy chicks
    Are really choosy
    Try to make an effort
    Forget about the sad thing
    You can tell Luther is a nasty ???
    always was a ???
    Don't forget that whiskey makes
    your ego growing ???
    And it's nowhere ???
    we can make a good time ???
    Hey ain't that mean ???

  12. Momma I Need (Hensley/Konas)
    Momma I need
    Your shoulder to cry on
    Bring it on home for me to rely on
    Momma I need your bed to lie on
    I'm sure my time has come
    Here I stand, a broken man
    A lifesize illustration of
    A fallen favourite son
    And I lay deep in sleep
    Of a lonely kind
    And darkness reflecting misery
    Good morning, sorrow
    Today I'm going out ot borrow
    Just a little of the sun
    From someone else's eye
    But the ways of happiness
    Is gonna be closed again
    And so I begin to feel
    It just the same
    In her heart a million ways to love
    In her heart a thousand
    Poisoned dreams
    Just for the first time
    This is got to be the last time
    I can't get down any further
    Painted dreams, a hand in hand
    But who holds the answer I need
    When it's my turn in
    The life's long rod ???
    Daylight, take a sidelink
    To this hell I'm in
    Momma I need
    Your shoulder to cry on
    Bring it on home for me to rely on
    Momma I need your bed to lie on

  13. Candlelight (Hensley)
    By the sun and candlelight
    Wandered through a misty night
    In a dream not long ago I saw her 
    In a dream not long ago
    I walked all around the town
    Thinking she might be around
    In a dream not long ago I saw her
    In a dream not long ago
    Foolish heart of mine
    Going out to find
    Someone who is never there
    How am I to know
    If she'll care at all
    For someone who's never there

  14. Lovely Anita (Kerslake)
    Lovely Anita, I'd love you
    To meet her
    Her eyes are as deep
    As the wishing well
    Her eyes are so pure
    And her lips are so cool
    I love her forever and ever
    She makes my heart bleed
    When she knows that I need
    The good things in life
    That I know she can give
    And when we're alone
    And there's no-one the same
    I tell her I love her again and again ..
    Yes, I know Anita is mine
    Lips like strawberry wine
    Yes, I know Anita is mine
    Mine till the end of time
    Lovely Anita, I'm going to meet her
    She waits for me down by
    The trees near the lane
    And when we're alone
    And there's no-one around
    We make love again and again ...
    Lovely Anita ...
    Going to meet her ...

  15. Maria (Sondheim/Bernstein)
    From West Side Story
    I just met a girl named Maria
    And suddenly that day
    Will never be the same to me
    I just kissed a girl named Maria
    And suddenly I've found
    How wonderful a sound can be
    Say it loud and let music play
    Say it soft and it's almost like pray
    I'll never stop saying Maria

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