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Innocent Victim


  1. Keep On Ridin'
  2. Flyin' High
  3. Roller
  4. Free N' Easy
  5. Illusion
  6. Free Me
  7. Cheat N' Lie
  8. The Dance
  9. Choices
  10. Masquerade
  11. The River

  1. Keep On Ridin' (Hensley/Williams)

    Ride, keep on ridin'
    Ride, keep on ridin'

    By tomorrow morning at the early dawn,
    I gotta hit the road
    So long lady til another day, right now
    I gotta be movin' on
    Another town and the singer needs a song
    I know you're on your own
    I'll be back before too long
    Do what I gotta do
    And you know how my heart loves to run,
    I gotta ride.

    There's a city waiting and a railroad station
    Where my face is known
    And an old hotel I know so well,
    It's a little bit like home
    It's a situation not of my own choosing,
    And though a gamblin' man would say
    That I was losing
    I started out to win
    And I'll do it all again, I'm never givin' in
    'cause if it comes down to my heart, or my pride
    I'm gonna ride.

    And I know you say I'm driftin' on a dream
    Watch your step boy, it may not be what it seems
    I just can't shake this feelin' here inside
    This heart of mine just keeps tellin' me to ride, ride.

  2. Flyin' High (Hensley)

    Well I'm flyin' high
    And I know the reason why
    'Cause the wind of change has blown my way
    And you love me as much today
    As I love you

    I used to think that love was strange
    It was something that I used to ease the pain
    Though at times it seems it hurts to touch
    It's never gonna hurt as much as
    No love at all

    Flyin' high it's a crazy feelin'
    Flyin' high 'cause I've learnt the meaning of love
    Flyin' high it's a crazy feelin'
    Flyin' high 'cause I believe in love

  3. Roller (Bolder/McDonald)

    Ooh where - is she woman she's only here for the sun
    It's now - you'll discover she's only here for the fun
    And who - will move over, sweet talker choosin' her side
    And it's then - it's all over, she's just along for the ride

    She's a Roller she's just a Roller, bet she'll roll her life away
    One town is just like another, one man will just never do
    Don't turn around, when she calls out your name
    She'll only break you in two
    She's a Roller, She's just a Roller, rolling time come today

  4. Free N' Easy (Lawton/Box)

    Ain't it strange that when you're lonely
    And your friends they're not around
    So you make your big decision
    Get your feet back on the ground

    When you're down and no one wants you
    And you wonder who you are
    But your friends they don't desert you
    When you make it you're a star

    (But I'm gonna stay)
    Free and Easy
    'Cos I know just what I am
    Gonna be Free and Easy

    I've been through all the heartaches
    And I've been through all the pain
    But when you're up and riding high
    Everybody stakes their claim

    (But I'm gonna be)
    Free and Easy
    Gonna stay just what I am
    Gonna be Free and Easy

  5. Illusion (Hensley)

    In a forest known as heartbreak
    In a clearing in the wood
    'Cross a pathway called confusion
    Toward the garden of delight

    You'll reach the river of desire
    And meekly try to cross it
    While the valley of love keeps avoiding you
    Because it's only an illusion

    Upon the hill of high ideals
    You begin to wonder if it's real
    You are reaching sleep's oasis
    You begin to wonder how you feel

    But it happens so quickly it doesn't fit
    Into your scenes
    Tossin' and turnin' the star of so many scenes
    It's only an illusion

  6. Free Me (Hensley)

    Why should I worry that you might not love me
    You're not the only love I ever had
    Your sweet memory will always comfort me
    So why should I be feeling sad

    Far as I can tell
    You knew so well
    I was always at the end of the line
    I loved you as much as any man can
    But not enough to make you mine

    So long easy rider I know I'll miss you for awhile
    But sooner or later I know that I'll forget you
    Free me somebody free me won't you
    Free me, free me from your spell

    We let a good love die
    We let it pass us by
    Though you try to keep me hangin' on
    But with all this doubt
    It'll never work out
    So tomorrow I'll be travellin' on

  7. Cheat N' Lie (Hensley)

    Well, it seems that I've been cheated
    And it would appear that I've been lied to
    All the promises that you repeated
    Were never destined to come true.
    When I stop to think how I once trusted you,
    It's harder still to bear this doubt.
    I'm an innocent victim of heartbreaking circumstances,
    And I still can't get it figured out.

    All you did was cheat and lie
    Now you've gone and made me cry
    My heart is heavy and I just can't get it straight,
    Just the way you made me feel,
    A wound that only time can heal.
    Won't you take a little time to show me my mistake.

  8. The Dance (Williams)

    See the picture in the hall
    Framed in magic on the wall
    Ain't it funny how it glows
    What's on the inside no one knows
    What makes this picture so inviting
    To those who stand outside it
    Maybe it's the dancers
    Or maybe it's the dance
    the dancer dances

    Thousands will fill the gallery
    Pay their price to see a dream
    They can make believe for free
    Two hours' worth of fantasy
    Maybe they pretend the picture's them
    Or maybe they just love to sit and blend
    Maybe it's the dancer
    Or maybe it's the dance
    the dancer dances

    Tonight the picture has no frame
    Colours unleash and float away
    To each and every one of you
    Tonight the spirit brings the news
    You become a part of it all
    Thousands turn to one in the hall
    You become the dancer
    And we become the dance
    the dancer dances

  9. Choices (Williams)

    I was walking alone thru a side show
    With passion and pain on each side.
    Something inside me was calling
    For a chance to stay alive.

    At the time I didn't know what was calling
    As my head was buried in grief.
    Today I heard what was crying.
    My FREEDOM calling me

    And we all make our choices
    Like a blind man feels his way,
    And the choice I've made is simple:
    Passion over pain.

    When I got to the end of the side show
    And looked back to where I had been,
    My eyes filled with teardrops of loneliness
    For the ones who will never be free

    And we all make our choices
    Like a blind man feels his way,
    And the choice I've made is simple:
    Passion over pain.

    I thought of the children in the side show
    As they wandered around so confused.
    Some day they'll make their decision
    But which one will they choose?

    And we all make our choices
    Like a blind man feels his way,
    And the choice I've made is simple:
    Passion over pain.

  10. Masquerade (Hensley)

    A masquerade of dancing shadows
    Appear before me through my mystic window
    And soon to be seen I saw presented
    Became a vision that I saw resented
    I stood and watched its image changing
    The unseen hand was rearranging
    And all the time I wondered
    How did it wind

    Slowly, surely it unfolded
    Its simple lines just as
    A pole wind told it ??
    A temporary revolution
    My problems rose and fell
    With a lapse of illusion
    A man was telling me, don’t fight it
    It’s just a ??? in the night
    Don’t do those who’ve lost their way
    It’s a masquerade

    Masquerade, it’s a masquerade

  11. The River (Hensley/Box/Bolder/Kerslake)

    River, rising to hide ??
    Across the midnight
    Wanderin’ westward by daylight
    Take us and lead us to tomorrow
    As fast as you come and can flow

    River, you’re windin’
    An unending rhythm
    The sooner keep movin’ to warn him ??
    The spirit that keeps us from sinking
    Guide us from going astray

    Point us a way to a shoreline ahead
    Through the mist and the fog
    Of this valley of death
    Too many years we have
    Walked in a sleep
    Now we’re awaken
    And ready fo flee

    River, we hitchhikers beggin’ for mercy
    Survive us from yesterday’s curses
    Don’t damn us before you receive us
    We’re needin’ your face and your trust

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