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Look At Yourself

Artist Comments

Ken Hensley 1990 | Mick Box 1995 | Ken Hensley 1995


I think that July Morning is one of the best examples of the way the band was developing at that point in time. It introduced a lot of dynamics, a lot of light and shade into our sound.

The relationship musically and personally between myself, Mick and David developed so quickly, it was spontaneous. And the three of us were increasingly becoming the nucleus of the band, looking to fill the other two places.

MICK BOX October 1995

This album saw Uriah Heep decide we wanted to be an out-and-out rock band with our own identity and developing trademarks, especially in the vocal, harmony, Hammond organ and my wah-wah guitar sound. The cover was an idea of mine coming back to London in a van, after a UK tour. The cover proved to be very successful, remaining a favourite among fans today. The stand out track on the album, for me, was July Morning which encompassed everything about Uriah heep then and now. It is a beautifully crafted song, with great dynamics, soft Hammond organ parts, powerful riffs and a tremendous vocal from David that still gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.

Over the years we have come to appreciate just how much our music has touched people around the world and quite often we have had couples coming backstage after the show and thanking us with a bottle of champagne, as they had used the tune as their wedding march when they got married. We had a few of our label-mate guests on this album, with Manfred Mann playing the mini-moog solo on July Morning and Osibisa joining us on the end of Look At Yourself. They all did a great job and I will always remember the sweat pouring off of Osibisa at the end of the track as it sped up very fast. By the end their eyes were nearly popping out.

This was and still is a great rock album, and was a joy to make. I really hope you enjoy this re-mastered version, along with the bonus tracks. Keep on rocking!


By the time we recorded this, the whirlwhind had really begun and it was this album that helped us break the American market. Again we explored a lot on Look At Yourself and I was learning to 'write on the road.' July Morning still gets played a lot on radio and went on to become one of the highlights of our live shows, along with the title track. Listening to it now is not easy because of some of the original production aspects of the record but, considering the time, it does have a lot of energy on it! I actually still have an original American 8-track of Look At Yourself!!!

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