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Look At Yourself

Original Liner Notes

So much has happened since we recorded Salisbury that this feels like notes for a first album than for our third!

Our first American tour has to have a special mention chiefly because its enormous effect on the band as a whole. It was, in a way, the freshest of our many recent influences - a very vivid experience!

We have succeeded in establishing our musical direction now, and the proposition of recording was more clearly defined resulting in some very exciting sessions. many new influences were revealed and the message is there - above all it's the music that's important to us all!

Look At Yourself opens side one and is also our first world-wide single (fingers crossed!). Basically, it represents the band strongly and Teddy, Mac and Loughty of Osibisa added some excellent percussion to the extended final section.

I Wanna Be Free follows heavily into one of our favourite tracks July Morning. It is one of our most recent compositions and is developing into a strong 'live' number. David's vocal is particularly strong here and Manfred appears for the first time with his Moog, adding some really nice colours to the final sequence - closing side one.

Side two opens with another recent song Tears In My Eyes which has more Moog, guitar, voices and, well everything.

Shadows Of Grief was written in March and was the subject of one of our most 'frantic' sessions. It's impossible to explain 'frantic' exactly but it's probably evident!

We were looking for a contrast because, you know, the 'heavy' thing gets, well heavy sometimes. What Should Be Done was written in a studio break and recorded before it was three hours old - just because it felt good that way and seemed to be what we needed.

Love Machine winds up the album as it so often winds up our act - it just rocks!

So we have borrowed a little from the heavy basis we originally enjoyed and have continued to add the natural musical progressions that develop within us, in the hope that, for as long as possible, we will be able to bring you some of the happiness and satisfaction we get from playing together.

Ken Hensley July 1971

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