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Welcome to the Unofficial Home Page of the Mighty Mite himself, the Atom.

The Atom is a hero who was developed in the early 1960's by the late Gardner Fox, his editor Julius Schwartz, and the late Gil Kane. His alter-ego, Ray Palmer, is a top scientist who developed a method of shrinking matter and uses that power to become the Atom. The Atom has been around the DC superhero comics since his first appearance in Showcase #34 in 1961. Check out all of the links below for more information on the Atom.
Recent Newsfront:
11/18/2005 - With the Atom virtually being written out of the DCU for the time being, there has been little to rave about for the Atom lately. His most recent appearance in Hawkman was a nice touch, but not the return that I had hoped for (but didn't expect, either). Anyway, still some updates that should be entered as it relates to remaining 2005 appearances, including the Identity Crisis appearances as well as Hawkman. Hopefully, Ray will show back up soon in the Crisis somehow.
07/30/2004 - Updated the javascripting that puts the ticker info in the status bar at the bottom of the page. Definitely not likely to see the Atom in the new Firestorm and he appears to have disappeared from the latest Austin JLA. He is, however, prominent in the new Identity Crisis mini. Still rumors circulating about a new Atom series. I just hope he doesn't get the Firestorm treatment.
02/10/2004 - Updated the 2000's page again. A few minor updates to various other pages. No Atom series yet and the Firestorm series with Ronnie appears to be nixed. JLA, JSA, and Hawkman appear to be the best issues to watch for recent appearances of the Atom for now. No news yet on how Kelly's return to JLA in #100 will affect the membership of the Atom, but rumor has it a hero may die - which creates the need for the JLE(Elite). Here's to hoping it isn't the Atom!
04/11/2003 - Updated the 2000's page once more with some of the more recent appearances of the Atom. Now that he's back in JLA, he's making steady appearances there. Some rumors have started revolving around a Busiek/Allred Atom series - I can only hope they're true. Time will tell.
01/23/2003 - Wow! Ages since an update has been performed... the Atom is now a member of the JLA and appeared several times during the Obsidian Age series. He held a significant role in that series and appears to be staying on for a longer term. Although he doesn't seem to make all the upcoming covers, it's hopeful that he will be appearing more and more on an ongoing basis.

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