CHiCK CLoTHeS: poor chris

now i've always felt like chris was a little different than the other guys of dream street.  he was, shall we say, a little feminine...i've often caught myself, when asked which one chris was, replying with 'you know..the one that has nice eyebrows' or 'the one that is really girl-ish'.  while sometimes i've felt bad for saying that, my point has been proven even more in the past month.  chris has been doing screenings for the biggest fan, and claudia being the nice photographer that she is, has provided us with nice pictures of chris.  but there were also ones of chris and kaila (sorry if her name is spelled wrong..i was too lazy to look it up!) in there, and i came across these two pictures~>

and i thought...' cute..she looks so pretty! the sunglasses are a little wack, but that's ok'. 

then....the miss teen usa pageant came on, and i watched it, and thought, 'oh chris, cover your butt crack' and had all the other opinions that you can find on my 'button your damn shirt' page.  of course, claudia provided us again with wonderful pictures of chris posing in the hotel room, stuff like i was looking thru the pictures, and i found these~>

and thought, 'yep..that's my boy'.  but then, as i glanced closer at the picture of chris, and again at the picture of kaila, i put the two pictures together, and got this~>

now...what do YOU think about that?!?!  i'm thinkin' that maybe chris needed a cute little outfit to wear to the miss teen usa pageant, therefore he asked kaila to borrow her jacket.  hmmm...

chris..quit proving my point!!