What's in My Wardrobe

What's in my Wardrobe?

This is the area where you can find information on how I have constructed my clothing this area will be slowly updated with more of my outfits added when I have the time to finish and photograph them.

My Green Velvet 1536 Gown

My 1540s Linen Kirtle

My 1540s Brocade Gown

How to turn Simplicity 8881, AKA 'The Shakespeare in Love Dress' into an Elizabethan Noblewoman's outfit.

How to make Simplicity 8735, AKA 'The Ever After Dress' into an early 16th century Venetian outfit.

How to change a modern sleeve pattern into the 16th century style.

On these pages I have tried to indicate where I took portraits and other pictures from. In most cases if you click on the small picture itself you will find a larger version of the picture so you can see more detail, if you click on the caption beneath the small picture you will be directed to the page I originally took the image from. In some cases I can't find or can't remember the page I took the picture from, if you think you know where I have found an unattributed picture please email me and let me know.


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