It is our intent to create a respectful environment for understanding and healing, a Discussion-Safety-Zone for Related Topics, while maintaining our Visitors' Zones-of-Privacy, and to interact on a non-judgmental basis. Today far too many communities fail to create these safety-zones!
Hi Folks, how are you today?
Legal Issues and Court Cases:
                           affecting sex offenders
Hi Folks, how are you today?
It is our intent to create a respectful environment for understanding and healing, a Discussion-Safety-Zone for Related Topics, while maintaining our Visitors' Zones-of-Privacy, and to interact on a non-judgmental basis. Today far too many communities fail to create these safety-zones!

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--- Our Mission ---

Our websites and blogs,
Legal Issues & Court Cases -affecting- Sex Offenders
News & Noteworthy: Articles Concerning Sex Offender Issues
A Voice of Reason: On Sex Offender Research & News (blog)
A Voice of Reason: Age & Disability Issues (blog)
A Voice of Reason: On SO Murders (blog)
A Voice of Reason: On SO Suicides and Deaths (blog)
A Voice of Reason: On SO Vigilantism (blog)
are websites and blogs that provide information about sex offender topics. We cover topics, issues, pending and historical court cases, and consequences facing, adult and juvenile sex offenders, in prison and LifeAfter in society.

They cover current issues, sex offender registries, recidivism, dangerousness, risk assessment tools, therapy, civil commitment, subtle vigilantism, harassment and discrimination. Also other community concerns related to sex offender issues, and the United Nations human rights issues.

These sites are an advocacy central repository of information about sex offender issues, founded under Project Anonymity. Accordingly, we do not reveal any information about visitors or volunteers. The information found on these sites is not "Legal Advice." If anyone needs legal advice, please seek local legal counsel where you live, as those lawyers know local laws best. Our information comes from many folks, professionals and nonprofessionals of many fields, ex-offenders, their friends and family, and research we do on issues raised.

While our advocacy keeps folks updated, it is also educational for criminal justice and mental health professionals, and public policy decision makers, as well as offenders and their families and friends. Our mission of education and elimination of sexual abuse is accomplished through our deeper purpose, see below.

It is our intent to create a respectful environment for understanding and healing, "a Discussion-Safety-Zone for related topics" while preserving our "Visitors' Zones-of-Privacy" and to interact without judgment. Today far too many communities fail to create these safety-zones!

--- Our Deeper Purpose ---

Our deeper purpose centers around the spirit and fundamental meaning of the United Nations, Declaration of Human Rights. We believe laws that have been, and are being, enacted to control previously convicted sex offenders violate both the spirit and intent of the Declaration of Human Rights, identified under each Article of that document.

While recognizing past acts of these offenders, we do not condone or try to justify them. These acts are embedded in emotional history. For healing to begin society, victims, the offenders and their families must create an environment conducive to healing and restoration. Such an environment has followed every major war, and today society needs to rebuild itself; creating a LifeAfter Sex Abuses one case at a time.

Unfortunately many folks believe in the hatred, the vindictiveness, the further retribution, the "separate them from us" colonizing the sex offender; societal relagation. This isolationism -a division of sorts- is precisely what perpetuates abuses. Society fails to recognize this. Today's laws are perpetuating isolationism preventing healing, and eroding fundamental rights of everyone.

Our deeper purpose leans toward exposing myths and misconceptions, and revealing what masks truths about sex offenders. We foster understanding, promotion of healing and stop the witch-hunting of sex offenders that causes them to go into isolation, which furthers the cycle of abuse.

Society in general, buried in hatred, is unaware of what is happening in the name of public safety. The hysteria caused by misinformation about sex offenders is fueling vigilantism, harassment, protests, media frenzy, and the feel-good legislation. This drives the untreated sex offender underground into deeper isolation and triggers the cycle of abuse.

Society feels it should, divide and isolate themselves from sex offenders. However, that act perpetuates the abuse cycle. Many psychiatrists and other professionals have recognized this. So our deeper purpose is to show society the errors caused by misinformation, and to integrate sex offenders into mainstream society, rather than isolate them to a place where sex abuses occur.

We are a "Human Rights" Advocacy website. Advocating for the LifeAfter offender and their "Zone of Associations." They are family, friends, associates, and many others who through life's circumstances cross paths with offenders. Registry and community notification laws affect them as well.

--- Privacy ---

We regard privacy and anonymity as one of our most important functions. We do not rent, sell or in any way exchange information about any e-mail addresses of visitors or volunteers.
** PRIVACY and the INTERNET **
The Internet, by virtue of its technology, raises privacy concerns which individual websites and blogs cannot address. This policy does not cover privacy concerns related to your presence on the Internet. This policy covers information which visitors and volunteers present to this website.

This site does not gather visitor's personal information. We do keep an incremental counter of our visitors. We do advise you, that there are companies and programs which have the ability to monitor Internet users when they are on a particular website.

This site does not place cookies on your computer. However, visitors should know, that our sites are on a public Host Computer, and that host may or may not write cookies to your computer. What the host site does is not under our control.

The only information sent to your computer is, information you select to read from our pages of information, which is sent to your computer. Your browser may or may not keep that information for a period of time. Contact the vendor of that browser for further information about that browser's operation.

--- Our Resources and Links ---

** Web Site Resources **
Within our sites are direct links to other websites on the Internet which you can reach by clicking on links. Those sites contain information and may also endorse or advertise products. The presence of such link to other websites, should not be understood to mean we have any affiliation with them.

We do not endorse, control or approve external information or products they may advertise, nor do we guarantee the accuracy of their information. However we are selective of whom we link to, and believe in their principles at the time we link to them. Your use of that information is voluntary, and before reliance on it, we suggest you perform your own independent review, to decide appropriateness for your purposes.

Often we will cite case law and link to court decisions. Our main legal case source is and we are grateful for that web site and wish them to have all credit for their work. When we cite cases from other sources (say State Court Appellate cases or others) we will name them to give them credit.

Attribution & Copyrights of Other Authors' Works: In articles that we write or comment on, it is always our policy to credit authors. We carefully evaluate all web sources that we use and want those authors to receive recognition for their work. If we have erred, we would appreciate anyone bringing that to our attention so we may again evaluate that source and make corrections or deletions.

** Web Site Submissions **
We are always looking for ways to enhance our sites. However we are responsible for site content, excluding ** Web Site Resources ** therefore we conditionally accept submissions and reserve the right to review them.

After review, we may decide not to include the submission or to change it before inclusion. Our "Mission and Deeper Purpose" govern our decisions. Please follow "Attribution & Copyrights of Other Authors' Works" on anything submitted.

We thank visitors for submissions that enhance our sites. We do not reimburse visitors for submissions, and appreciate those who wish to make our sites better for the benefit of all visitors and our advocacy.

--- Copyright ---

Our sites are protected by U.S. and International Copyright laws. The materials provided here cannot be reproduced, copied, or duplicated, on paper, disk or electronically, or any other means without prior written consent. Use our "Contact Us" page for inquiries.

All Content is copyrighted, by the original author, or as a collective work under the U.S. copyright laws. "Fair Use" governs our resources and cited articles or works, should an original author request removal please contact us.

You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit, any of the materials, in whole or in part. You may not upload, post, reproduce or distribute content protected by copyright, or other proprietary right, without getting permission of the copyright owner. The materials from our site are available for personal informational and noncommercial uses only.

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NOTE: Anyone may subscribe to our mailing list. However, folks with AOL or Compuserve e-mails need to know.

Recently (The last part of 2003) AOL has implemented a new Spam detection system. As the result of the criteria of that system several of our e-mail UPDATE Notifications to our readers with AOL or Compuserve e-mails have been rejected.

When AOL has rejected our mail, they have provided these reason/s, "They consider our mail as unsolicited and allegedly, have received many complaints." Effectively they are saying our mail is UNSOLICITED. Given all our readers specifically request notification we know that AOL's comments are unfounded. To make matters worse, AOL never tells their user (our reader) that they have rejected e-mail sent to them (a form of censoring). The only one who is told is, the sender, US!

We have been unsuccessful in resolving this problem with AOL. It appears they are scanning e-mails for the presence of (which is where our web site is) and then subjecting that e-mail to their Spam scrutiny system, and maybe rejecting it. We say "maybe" because sometimes e-mails do go through. The randomness of rejection is unpredictable.

Some of our AOL readers have tried to help us in getting this corrected by logging their complaints with AOL too, and we thank them. However, still we see rejections. So, to our AOL and Compuserve readers, we will make every effort to get our UPDATE Notifications to you, but you need to know about this problem also.

If this problem goes beyond just AOL and Compuserve readers we will post that information here. Thank you!

--- Contact Information ---

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Legal Issues & Court Cases Affectine Sex Offenders
News & Noteworthy: Articles Concerning Sex offender Issues
Beyond the Abuse: A Personal Recovery Program
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