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What's All This Then?

This is, as the title says, ElectroDruid's Page-O-Stuff. ElectroDruid isn't my real name of course (unless you're a hardcore fan of The Matrix perhaps and consider online nicks like ElectroDruid or Neo to count as real names). The authorities call me by my other name, Mr. Stephen McGreal. I am the Despoiler of Dreams, the Destroyer of Worlds. Civilisations crumble at my very whim, and entire continents are flooded and crash into the sea at my merest gesture. Apart from that, I'm quite a nice guy. I am a poet, swordsman, artist, adventurer, bonsai grower, collector of obscure cornucopia and part-time defender of the galaxy. (Sadly, only one of these is true, and even then, only partially).

But this most definitely IS a page, and it DOES contain stuff.

What Kind Of Stuff?

Mostly stuff. Whatever amuses me, so you'll probably find some complete nonsense on here in parts, instead of what you might think of as "content". Hopefully you'll find it funny. I do. I make videogames for a living, so it's possible you might find some geeky programmery stuff here. Also perhaps some stuff related to Live Action Role Play, a hobby of mine. Perhaps some stuff I've written. Maybe dull stuff like my CV to pad it all out. Who knows? Actually, I don't know myself yet, because I've only just started this site.

What's With All The Furry Animals? Eh? Answer Me!

They're all mustelids. Mustelids are a collection of various mammals that neatly encompasses most of of the funniest animals on the planet. They alsio share a little known talent, which is that they are over 300% more efficient at navigating the Interweb than normal hyperlinks. It's true. I know it's true because I made it up myself.

There are probably some mustelids that aren't on this site (the mongoose, for instance, but they're only funny for their name really), and one animal (ocelot) which isn't a mustelid but I never said this would be an accurate study of zoology. Bite me. Alternatively, Go forth my beauties! Seek out the knowledge and entertainment you crave! Just remember to keep well behind the line, and don't feed the pterodactyls....

©2005 Stephen McGreal (except for the bits I stole)