The l33t Programming Language

Sample Programs In l33t

Here is a list of example programs written in l33t.

ASCII LOOP - This is the first ever functioning program written in l33t. It loops forever, printing all 255 ASCII characters, and takes the form of a short insulting rant about geeks.

CRAZY EIGHTS - This program was written by Ian Prentice ( ), and I think it's very cool. It's based loosely on the ASCII Loop program. Note that this program only works with certain fonts (it seems to run fine on Windows/Dos but I've heard there are problems on other machines). Basically, you should get a 4 character output. If it just spazzes out at you, tough :op

HELLO WORLD - Prints "H3LL0 W0RLD!!!" to the screen. For those who can't read l33t sp34k, it takes the form of an essay on how to be l33t, drawing the conclusions that an appreciation of pirated software, Quake clans, Star Wars, cracking computers, writing viruses and trolling on message boards are all important components. Note the disclaimer.

POLYGLOT - This program by Marinus Oosters is pretty crazy. It blatantly abuses l33t, but seeing as it abuses another 7 languages at the same time, we'll let it off...

FIBONACCI - Phil McCarthy ( ), the author of this monster of a program says it nearly cost him his sanity. Even trying to read it can be a traumatic experience. As the name suggests, it computes the first few numbers in the fibonacci sequence, whilst simulaneously acting as a detailed description of how to be l33t. For best results, run this one under the Javascript interpreter he wrote to showcase it. Also, if you're interested, take a look at Tory, a pretty amusing language Phil created based on l33t.

COUNTDOWN - Counts down from 9 to 0, which might be handy for something or other. It was written by wasted_druid.

WINNER - Cody Hollis-Perdue is using l33t to blow his own trumpet. Good for him!


99 BOTTLES OF BEER - By Marinus Oosters. My Copious Free Time ran out before I could finish my interpretation, so Marinus stepped in and provided a version. It's not yet been l33t-ified, but it works.

99 BOTTLES OF BEER - By Stephen McGreal. Not to be outdone, here's my work in progress. Admittedly only a bit of it is in l33t sp34k at the moment, and it's probably longer due to me throwing in an ungodly number of loops to avoid all those 99999998 things, but it'll be great when it's done. Eventually.

Please let me know if you manage to write a program in l33t, or if you're bored or insane enough to finish one of the works in progress :)

2005 Stephen McGreal