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Updated as news and court cases becomes available. Topics, issues, court cases, and consequences facing former sex offenders and those accused (adults & juveniles), in prison, jail, civil commitment and LifeAfter in society. The truth about recidivism, dangerousness, registration, community notification, harassment -to- vigilantism, therapy, and community issues of housing, employment and schools. United Nations human rights issues addressed. Site keeps advocates, criminal justice and mental health professionals, and public policy decision makers up to date.
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  A Statement on Rights! (A discussion and definition of rights)
  The Confusing Words & Phrases in the realm of sex offenders, many used in a libelous or slanderous manner! (Definitions)
  The Morphism of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 (Preserved for Posterity)
  Comments sent to the Committee holding hearings on Internet Sex Crimes (10-17-2007)! (Definitions)

Breaking News::

1-31-08 BREAKING NEWS: Last UPDATE 1-31-2008, on Bush Cuts of the Byrne/JAG Grants:

National Issues::

7-23-07 The meaning of "100,000 missing" or "proactive and prevention" as interpreted by John Walsh, lawmakers, and those who follow that train of thought!
5-15-07 The new form of vigilantism against registered sex offenders?
7-5-07 State Trickery and Misinformation about Sex Offender Registration Laws Gets Convictions: Knowledge -v- Notice?
3-9-07 Is the USAG's "interim rule" on retroactivity of the Adam Walsh Act the final word on retroactivity?
7-12-06 Will Congress Actually Allow This: A FEDERAL Juvenile Sex Offender Registry?
3-5-06 The Policy of Youthful Behaviors: Ninth to Twelfth grade behaviors that may label juveniles a sex offender under today's laws!
11-27-05 The Fleecing of America: Are States Using Sex Offender Registries for Profiteering?

State Issues::

8-11-07 FL Typical of Florida Lawmakers, They Misconstrue the Adam Walsh Act!
7-8-07 FL Another law enforcement sounds good scheme and does nothing to prevent crime!
6-23-07 MI Cox the Almighty, the Michigan AG sensationalizing again!
1-26-07 MI Michigan attempts to comply with federal law by introducing HB 4121
1-9-07 MI Michigan: Entrapment by omission?
11-21-06 MI Michigan: Misconceptions results in poor legislation!
7-10-05 MI A significant percentage of Michigan's Sex Offender Registrants may be erroneously subjected to arrest nationwide when the Michigan Sex Offender registry is phased into the Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Registry this August.
6-17-05 MI Michigan Registered Sex Offenders: Out of Compliance, AWOL, Unaccounted For, Absconded, what does that mean?
5-9-05 MI Michigan: Having trouble reporting consistent "Sex Offender" registry statistics: What is the truth?

Adam Walsh Act (AWA) Issues::

5-12-07 Another Adam Walsh Act Debacle!
5-10-07 Why is the USAG prosecuting those who fail to register, and cross state lines, in Federal court rather than State courts?
5-1-07 Why the Madera case must be appealed!
12-3-06 Former sex offenders are being illegally prosecuted, in Federal court, for registration issues under the Adam Walsh Act!

The Claims of 100,000 Missing Sex Offenders::

April 2005/6 What is the real percentage of sex offenders unaccounted for, 25%, 100,000 -OR- are both a misstatement of the historical facts we know?

MySpace & Similar Issues::

8-5-07 The media, a politician distorting the facts, and overshadowing the real issue: A teen tragedy!
1-31-07 MySpace violates its own Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement!
10-19-06 Will the real criminals standup?
... Miscellaneous MySpace News Articles

Gps Issues::

8-6-07 How "The Adam Walsh Act" and "Political Hype" misleads the public about GPS monitoring of sex offenders!
6-25-07 The value of GPS and what does it protect?
1-11-07 California's Prop 83 Budget!
11-12-06 ZERO: The value of Prop 83's GPS for preventing crimes.
11-10-06 The Bamboozling of California Voters: Prop 83's GPS!
... Miscellaneous GPS News Articles

Probing the 4th Amendment: Internet IDs and E-mail addresses:

5-28-07 When Will Registered Sex Offenders Stop the Governmental Assault on Their Homes?
2-10-07 Probing the 4th Amendment: On RSO e-mail Addresses and Internet Ids
1-9-07 At what point do provisions of registration laws violate the 4th Amendment?
... Miscellaneous 4th Amendment News Articles

Residency Law Issues::

Current Residency Laws & Ordinances Report: Problems, Consequences and Authorities
3-12-2006 Clearly Iowa's residency laws are not working!

Miscellaneous Issues::

  Relief From The Collateral Consequences Of A Conviction: A State-By-State Resource Guide!
3-5-07 Special Report: Position statement on OPPOSITION to HR 291 as introduced!
1-10-07 Special Report: Misquoting and misapplying long term recidivism statistics found in Prentky's 1997 studies have affected a critical US Supreme court decision: Smith et al. v. Doe et al. 538 U.S. 84 (2003) (The Alaska sex offender registration case).

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