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About the Author

I, Epinephrine have been a player of Subspace since February 1997. Iíve been a long-time participant in Pro League among other SVS zones, and as such I believe I have a unique perspective of Trench Wars as a veteran of the game, never seeing it from the perspective of a clueless new player but actually witnessing the evolution of the zone from its humble beginnings to its current glory.

As a player in Trench Wars since August 1999, I was captain of the squad Elusive, and was a Trench Wars Moderator from November 1999 until February 2001. After the dissolution of Elusive I quit the zone for a long time but was later convinced to return and join the squad Vulch after a real life meeting with Crown of Thorns and friends.

From my history in Trench Wars, I believe I possess a unique inside knowledge of the game, and so drawing information from my many friends and acquaintances in the most influential positions of the zone including Crome, Crown of Thorns, and DoCk>, and also possessing a love of writing and history, I decided to write this all out.

Itís been a long time project of mine, and I hope that Iíve been able to teach you something about the zone, and if I didnít at least entertain you.

Thank you,

Special Thanks

I would like to send out the deepest of thanks to Crome, my editor and a major contributor to this history. He has always been a great competitor of mine and once we were mortal enemies, but now Iím happy to call him my friend.

Also thanks to Crown of Thorns, 2Dragons, and The Voodoo Child, who answered some of my questions and originally contributed to this history with information that I needed. Thank you to DoCk> for providing a long early history of which I managed to get a lot of information out of. Thank you to The Luggage for turning my original history into PDF and PS formats.

Thanks to those who replied to my original post with more facts that I had left out including Dantax, Blood Axe, Louis XV, Vykromond, Sky, Eric is God, Path of Daggers, Jacen_Solo, and Live-Wire.

Finally thanks to all of those people who have made Trench Wars such a fun and interesting place to play in all these years.