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These pages contain the last version of the Series 7 FAQ taken from the Xylographics Series 7 Website before it closed in March 2000.
It has been split into sections but not updated so some of the information is now a little out of date though on the whole it's still fairly accurate. Opera 3.62 has now been formally released and is free to all Series 7/netBook owners, Opera 5 is well under development and will be included with many ER6 machines, Psion's WAP browser is out, and Andrew Johnsons printer drivers now print colour images as well as text.
Goldcard Ethernet drivers and limited VGA-out drivers are also available from Psion and there have also been two unofficial ROM updates to give older machines the same version currently shipping with new machines. The latest ROM image doesn't offer much in the way of bug fixes or extra functionality so unless you're having stability problems it really isn't worth the bother! It now seems doubtful if there will be a IMAP4 plugin for the Series 7 even though it comes with the netBook and Ericsson MC218 (apparently Psion Computers didn't feel it was good enough!?) but SSL access is available in the form of the Opera browser.
If you are a Series 7 owner and still haven't downloaded your free copy of the Opera web browser, go to the Psion Teklogix website on your Series 7 and follow the instructions. The Ethernet drivers, VGA-out software, SSH client and other Java software is available by registering in Psion Teklogix's partner program (free!)